Ian Connor, Theo London & ASAP Bari Brawl in Paris

ian connor theo london asap bari fight paris

A whole bunch of ratchetness went down in Paris between Ian Connor (the guy who models for Kanye’s Yeezy collection,) Theophilus London and A$AP Bari.

No one within the G.O.O.D. Music camp has spoken out about Ian being accused of raping 5 women until now. Theo finally got the chance to confront Ian, and it turned into a brawl!

A$AP Rocky tried to defuse the situation, but it spilled over into the streets where A$AP Bari snuffed Ian.

Peep the videos.





They then took the battle to social media where Theo not only called Ian a rapist, but he alleges that the Yeezy model has AIDS!



Is this what Yeezy and Jay Z meant when they said N**** in Paris?


  1. Who are these low life's? Its really sad when there's no talent but yet these fools make the news.

    • Couldn't said it better…
      Black people won't be allowed to travel to Paris in minutes behind ghettobusters like them.

      • on the contrary my dear the joowish illuminati bloodlines are very fond of this type of coons because it's a way of disrespecting the native europeans and it is also a way to give a repulsive image of the black people…

        • I can't argue with you on that. You're right on the money ESPECIALLY about "them giving a repulsive image of the black people…"


          • What could I possibly reply my dear Ms Reg Says!!! lol
            Everything done by these secret societies scumbags for theses past centuries seems to pay off : every race has a negative opinion about all the other races…
            I would say that no more than 5% of the total mankind is capable to respect any coming person no matter what is his/her racial-cultural background…
            sad very very sad…

  2. They watched him suck dick? Exposing themselves. Most of these men are rapists and cover for each other. Disgusting.

  3. I've heard a few theo songs they're not bad but I wish he'd distant himself from Kanye :/

  4. The replies speak volumes on here. You guys are thinking about how they make black people look in Europe….

    Yet no one is questioning why that kid isn't locked up!!!!! ESPECIALLY, if he is ALLEGEDLY spreading AIDS to those young women!!!!!

    Hopefully, those women have gotten tested after their encounter with him….because I've read two stories from two different women and not one of them mentioned going to go get tested for any STD's after the unwanted ordeal.

    • The Illuminati owned Unites States of AmerIsrael is messing big time with Europe and the native europeans for the past 50 years : uncontrolled immigration in Europe to weaken the euro-native identity, wars in Africa to make the native europeans look bad (even though the United States of AmerIsrael are behind these wars…)…Yes Europe is totally owned by the joowish bloodlines, some native europeans gave a new name for Europe : EuSrael… Europeans now view Vladimir Putin as their savior : who would have thought of this during the Cold War ?..??!!
      Before that the native europeans always gave the Africans of America a warm welcome from Josephine Baker to the Nicholas brothers etc… Europe was some kind of a sanctuary for these great people treated like third class humans in the joowish bloodlines-illuminati owned USA…
      Then came … rap …
      This kid like you mentioned him is a very very handy tool for them joowish bloodline illuminati : he gives a very low image of the african american people (while the african african are allowed to behave like savages in total impunity) in order to piss off the european natives … you guess what will come next : a racial war in Europe.
      Wars in Europe had ALWAYS been planned by the joowish bloodlines illuminati (and the white traitors) to weaken Europe because this continent is the cornerstone to establish the NWO (the end of all countries and cultures) and its capital in Tel Aviv…
      But let me give you some ''good news'' : once this kid has done to be useful , he will be found dead in some cheap ass motel room with a syringe in the arm…

    • Any woman with a little boxing training could humiliate any of them girly rappers so fond of fashion…

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