Ratings Plummet as Viewers Reject Will Packer’s “Uncle Buck” Over “Racial Insensitivity”


“Why stumble into a racial slur if you don’t need to stumble into a racial slur?” — Daniel Fienberg, Television Critic for The Hollywood Reporter

HSK Exclusive – Insider intel reveals Will Packer’s Mike Epps-fronted primetime program “Uncle Buck” has garnered less-than-favorable results causing ABC network execs to “cringe” over the 33-percent plummeting dive they’ve seen since its Tuesday night debut, just a little over a week ago.

A recent report from Media Life Magazine highlighted the plummeting number, clocked by Nielson: “Buck” averaged a 1.0 adults 18-49 rating for two episodes from 9 to 10 p.m., down a third from last week’s 1.5 debut.” The reason? Audiences are reported to be “turned off and tuning out” over the “racially insensitivit” component the show conveys. Simply put, viewers refuse to ‘Ride Along’ with that whole Uncle Jemima factor.

Will Packer-Birth of a Nation

Critics, scholars and historians alike prove to be in agreement over what the Will Packer Production has successfully achieved: disgracefully combining at least two (if not more) of the ugliest stereotypes historically branded to African American slaves. That said, Will Packer may be livin’ that life (with $20M duckets in pocket) right now, but all the riches in the world does not change the fact that Mr. Straight Outta Compton Power Producer (who charged a smoke n’ mirrors movement, hash tag “Oscars So White) is merely cashing after signing-on as the main minstrel program-pusher in charge. Don’t believe me? Just ask Oprah.

The Drop:

“Will may think he’s on top of his game right now but the fact is he is yet to pay even a penny back to the movie investors who gave him his lane into the game.

The sick part about it is Hollywood doesn’t even have to tell him to shuck n’ jive, he just does it! Call it a Buck for a Buck … that wouldn’t be far-fetched at all to call it that.

If Will Packer’s 281,000 Facebook followers knew … that he scammed his way to the top … if only they knew his ‘willspiriational’ bullsh*t is nothing but plain ol’ American race-baiting, branding and barcoding … if only Will Packer’s 281,000 followers knew about all his secrets and shades, they’d boycott his ass.”

“Never have I been so questioned, criticized, ridiculed yet … supported, praised and full of PRIDE to have my name on a project.” – Will Packer, on re-hatching Roots ‘remake’

Will Power Packer IG Declaration


    • Roots doesn't need to be out there. Not. at. all.

      It's pornography for albino degenerates.

      There are many black stories to tell. Blacks are the original people of every corner of earth. Our history spans ages globally, and we have countless cultures with rich lore. In one neighborhood, there are hundreds maybe thousands of great, funny, charming, sweet stories. There is no logical reason why someone would feel the need to depict something as insignificant and crass as that moment in time. Only a sick piece of garbage considers that worth viewing.

      • That "out of africa" theory was designed by the powers that be (free masonic jhews) and has never ever been proved on the contrary it has been proven to be utterly wrong if not a total lie…Wake up delusional nigger this is 2016 !
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        If "Blacks are the original people of every corner of earth" how come they are the less developed race in the world and not the more advanced ?
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      • "Blacks are the original people of every corner of earth" : you sad supremacist coon ! You're still falling for that trap designed by the joowish masonic lie ?
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            This was told to me by a man just this week. Think about it.

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            • DAMN! Anonymous @ 2:20 just broke the heart, backbone and ego of a lot of sistas with that statement! Harsh but true words!

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                White people are the *only* people on earth who devote *most* of their time, energy, and resources to attacking other groups and spreading propaganda about them.

                They know they're *rejects* with the IQ of toast. *That's* why they do it.

                People use the word "racism" for a broad range of behaviors. There's a *difference* between someone with a *logical* negative opinion; and someone who is a high-functioning retard with an irrational hatred and fixation.

                In other news, best quote ever:
                "How I look?"
                "Like a d*mn snitch."

                We need another Friday movie Ice Cube. lol

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      • If joos can talk about the Holo why can't blacks? This was a part of our history that needs to be shown for every COON, SELLOUT and ninja that thinks he TRANSCENDS RACE.

        Why are we the only folks that want to "forget?" Maybe if we remembered some of this shit we wouldn't participate in being lulled to damn sleep…thinking errthing is okay now.

        Yes, there are more stories out there. Doesn't mean we should forget this, or Underground, which was phenomenal.

  1. Honestly I stopped watching TV and going to the movies years ago. I have no clue who these people are. Thank goodness for Disco music.

    • Oh my god, me too! I love to stream movies in the comfort of my own home…you're so right. Who are these people? Disco music helped me out of a funk this week too! Sylvester gave me my life Chile! Lmao!

  2. The content of this show couldn't possibly be worse than Shonda Rhimes projects. She's so gross it's almost pointless to even point it out. She's a parody of herself.

    I haven't watched the show, but Mike Epps' comedy isn't for everyone, so that's part of it I'm sure. He needs someone like Cube to filter some of his stuff.

    The other major issue is that it's a show on ABC. A show on ABC featuring black people is guaranteed to be hot garbage swimming in racism. The real lesson here is not to watch any black shows on ABC. ABC used to have stuff like Family Matters, but that was a long time ago.

      • This show is much better written than Blackish. It was very funny.

        And a lot of people have mannies now. I don't get how taking care of your sister's kids makes you an Aunt(or Uncle) Jemima. If you are broke and your sister and brother in law a are rich, why wouldn't you work for them? Mike Epps was good in it too.
        The children were the best part. This was like a new era Cosby without the morality play.

        • You missed the point. It is not about having a manny, it is about how they have switched the mammy into a manny…the dude has a fcking rag on his head!!! Ignorance at its best….

  3. I watched Roots remake
    It didn't have the emotion of the original. It didn't stay with you & honestly I forgot about it the next day.

    As far as UncleBuck is concerned its mindless humor. It won't have the intelligence & talent of a Sanford & Son. The They had great writing, direction & mature talent nowadays just isn't there

  4. All these shows are stereotypical and degrade black folks. Tyler Perry and Lee Daniels are big disappointments as well. Black people need to stop selling out for a quick buck and then have a nerve to complain about not getting nominated for an Oscar.

  5. I told you guys Will Packer is a coon! I saw two episodes of Uncle Buck, the tv show is just as stupid as the movie Soul Plane! Mike Epps is a sambo who is jealous because Kevin Hart is currently Hollywood's number one coon! As far as Nia Long is concerned, I would still f*ck but her acting is over rated and she is over the hill. Over all I give Uncle Buck two thumbs down and one finger up! Fuck Will Packer!

  6. I have a great idea. Instead of watching Uncle Buck, Blackish and Scandal, how about we watch Hidden Colors Part 4.

    P.S. No I do not work for Tariq Nasheed!

    • That's apples and oranges. Yes. Watch Hidden Colors.

      But there's nothing wrong with a good laugh too. If this is what people call degrading, I don't know what they consider uplifting. The family is like super upper class and the kids are brilliant.

  7. I caught up on Ucle Buck and it was actually good and nothing like the one with John Candy.

    • I agree not a bad show ppl just do not watch regular tv anymore everybody is n 2 those boring azz really show luv & hip hop atl bull shidd & real housewives of atl the damn kardashian that type of bull shidd

  8. Is that you Jacky. lol. I have watched the show mainly to support my girl Nia, however, the show plays on the typical stereotypes of black men. Either they or perpetual man/boys (Mike Epps character) or they are cornballs (the other black male character who plays Bucks brother). I'm over the show.

  9. They are trying to capitalize off Blackish. Trying to repeat the 90s with a bunch of new black shows. TV won't sedate the masses any longer. Some of us are too awake. I am tired of the same ole actors and actresses being recycled for yet another 'show' or ignorant movie for Hollywood so that the Hollywood corporation gets richer. Basically tired of getting pimped and watching others get pimped. And this includes the music industry too!

  10. I have seen it twice. is a "C".
    the premise of an unemployed blackman taking care of kids is a "real reach"
    Mike Epps, is NOT a leading man on a tV show.
    This show is also no written very well.

  11. These shows confirm how low on the totem pole, white america really view Blacks. The entertainment conglomerates still treat us as if we are ignorant and not critical thinkers and therefore they insult us and demean us with programs which are directly meant to disgrace us and market us as mindless people who are not professional, talented and progressive. You better believe they would not dare put shows of this nature on the air targeting Asians, the Chinese, Japanese etc.. cause they know they would have Hell to Pay , Money wise and Politically. Come on People we have to Raise Ourselves Up and Demand Respect and Show them there will be consequences if it is not given to us.

  12. ^^^^ Thank you Gina. I agree with you 100%. Black people should ask themselves why would the racist executives at ABC (Disney) take a movie Uncle Buck which had a all white cast, make a tv show out of it and hire a all black cast?

  13. Many of you are going to watch the white owned BET Awards. I refuse to watch that three hour coon fest. Instead of watching the white owned BET Awards, black people should watch Hidden Colors, all four of them!

    P.S. Fuck Bob Johnson. He is boule!

    • STFU fixed…you alwayz talk out of both sides of your mouth.

      You cannot be pro-black…when you do not even realize when it comes to BW the ugly , nasty, disgraceful BS that comes out of your mind and written here.

      Sit down somewhere and work that shit out before you ever make another bogus half-azz "pro-black" comment.

      • To respond to your comment, I love black women who are well mannered, brave, intelligent and are committed to advancing the black race. I hate black women who are uneducated, ignorant, hood rat hookers. It's that simple!

        Malcolm X, "The greatest resource on planet Earth is the black woman."

        • Too bad none of the above applies to you…good luck with finding a well-mannered (sounds like you are looking for a dog not a human) puppy to follow you around…btw horrible retort.

  14. I take back what I said about this show.

    Uncle Buck is *supposed* to be about a hoodish but loving and protective uncle. He's supposed to be hood and a little wtf, but still do what's right.

    This Uncle Buck is none of those things. It's just a pile of racist propaganda.

    I also agree with someone else that the character's name shouldn't be "Buck."

    **If this show was on Fox, with Tracy Morgan as the uncle and Martin Lawrence writing for the character, it would be awesome.**

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