Jermaine Jackson’s Abusive Wife Files for Divorce

jermaine jackson wife divorce

Jermaine Jackson’s wife of 12 years, Halima Rashid, has filed for divorce. She cites “irreconcilable differences” as the cause and states they have been separated since November 28, 2015.

Even though the couple allegedly separated at the end of November, Halima was arrested in December for domestic violence. The couple reportedly got into a fight, and Jermaine was bit in the leg during the scuffle.

They don’t have any children together, but Halima wants spousal support of course.

So she gets to kick his a** AND cash out on some of that Jackson 5 money? Jermaine must love taking L’s!

This is Jermaine’s third marriage. He was previously married to Alejandra Genevieve Oaziaza from 1995 – 2003, and Hazel Gordy from 1973 – 1988.


  1. Are you sure she wasn't supporting him? There is no Jackson 5 money. Joe didn't maintain publishing. All of those guys lived off of Michael and then Janet. Why do you think Marlon was working at Vons. Because Michael and Janet cut them off. They even stopped paying his child support. Jermaine had to go get a wife. i guarantee his wife come from money. He married this chick in less than a year and he'll get married again quick. If Jermaine has any money now, it's money from Michael's death and I'm sure it's not much cause Michael knew he was a bum. Jackie Jasper would know all of this.

    • The article was written by resident Jackson Family hater Stacy Brown. He wrote a lot of lies about the Jackson's. The article is simply NOT true.

      • My gawd. Jackson stans are so tiresome. Stacy Brown is wrong just because he knows them and doesn't like them?

        • No. Stacy Brown is a liar. The Jackson's aren't broke. Some may not be rich, but they are not broke.

    • Wow thank you for that article, it was very detailed and informative….

    • Listen to the song "Word to the Bad." Jermaine has some words for his little brother Michael.

  2. Didn't she kick his butt? I guess she's tired of this loser. I doubt they kids together but if she's the breadwinner she will have to pay spousal support.

  3. I remember when they were on Wife Swap and Jermaine said he doesn't cook and eats at fancy restaurants everyday. You can tell he was a bum living off a woman.

  4. I have no sympathy for Jermaine because he slept with his brother's (Randy)wife and had kids with her. How sick is that.

  5. Most of these black men out here marrying white women and those raised as such will likely be divorcing soon. Just watch.

    • Yup! Writings on the wall. According to many comments on another popular "urban" gossip site. The types of black males doing this do so for physical reasons (sex and money), that's why their divorce and break up rates between WF and BM are extremely high compared to other interracial combinations. Those two groups F anything walking…

      • Yes the facts are out there about swirling google is anyone's friend. BM and AW swirl the most in America, thats right Mr. I hate the police swirls more than any other man in the USA, period. Asian women swirl the most period, wonder why Asian men don't all them bed wenches and sell outs? Cause they got sense, that's why. up to 50% of aw are swirling over here. all their stereotypes are true, bm chase ww and non black women and more power to him, really. bw swirl the least due to hypocritical brainwashing and misguided one-sided loyalty.

        WW and BM break up the most and their marriages are the shortest lasting cause what they have in common is dissing bw, laughing. Love can't flourish on the backs of dissing bw or bm. See, what they don't tell you about swirling is 'they' may sweet talk you at the beginning act super sweet and maybe diss their people of the same race and after the honeymoon period dies down, the act is over what you get is who they are, period so THATs why black males swirling crash and burn, they're not really swirling for love, they just to use 'white power' and they find out that Becky, Ming Lee and Lupe are just women, flawed and normal. And those non black women want a man with power which sadly many other males lack.

        • A lot of BM swirl w AW and WW to have lighter kids. That is harsh, but it's true.
          The darkest men were teased when they were kids and that don't want their kids to go through it. If you notice, usually it is the darkest men who do marry WW.
          On the other hand, WM tend to really like darker women. They have no issue with being color struck, and they find dark women beautiful. If you look around, the whitest white dude marries the chocolate sister. I know 3 who married dudes with sandy blond hair and blue eyes.

          Hey whatever floats your boat, but why not give someone a second look who thinks that your skin is beautiful?

          • Another butt hurt truth
            The fun part is the following : BM will shout out how proud to be black but when it comes to have kids they will sell their race out to have a kid with Becky, Ming Lee or Lupita !
            Black race is by far the most f'ed up ! And BP claim to be the "original people" how come they still fall for this "out of africa" lie in 2016 ?
            IS Black ppl that stupid ?!?
            Meanwhile the rest of mankind is laughing at them …

  6. That is what he gets for marrying a non black woman! A black male fool and his money will eventually separate!

    • Indeed. Even if the white doesn't clean them out; their biracial child will give their fortune to albino degenerates.

      And he dated out for someone who looks like a man. Have some self-respect.

      All of these bums date way down: manfaces, hookers, idiots, etc.

  7. DAmn, I like his lip kit! Maybe that's the irreconcilable differences? hmmm… Not seeing the kiwi hair, um… I mean shoe polish updo. He stay takin Ls

  8. I'm just glad he never got his paws on Whitney 'Nippy' Houston. I remember he said he could have been her man and it would have been financially beneficial to him! Hmmm. Glad they never got together.

  9. They were on wife swap? Aside from his voice, that may be entertaining to watch. Which Jaxson goes with that chick on the Shah reality show? Germ had it made in the Gordy family. Now look at him.

  10. Looks like somebody got paid to hook janet up with that po arab living off his daddy money. Now that he got the fool janet's money and with her having a baby, he'll take totally control of ALL her money just like this one was controlling and taking over all jermaine money making ventures – keeping trac of evey cent. You could see she couldnt stand him on that show.

  11. its just disgusting jermaine has had trashy mentality for yrs over the entire clan, he’s reckless way of how he publically trashed hazel gordy, bringing his mistress in with two more kids then his marrying his brothers wife, to now on with another foreigner i don’t thinks she even 30,he came in like he was walking a red carpet, we could of threw up, its a shame now he’s publicly now talking as if he was there for michael when micheal took care of his kids for yrs, both sets. stayed publicly in papers because he didn’t pay child support, went to the show and saw him i was like he’s really now trying to mimic his late brother. he’s lost case.

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