Usher Herpes Victim Raises Claim to $20 million After Testing Positive

Usher finally feeling the burn!

The woman suing Usher, claiming the singer exposed her to herpes, now says an STD test confirmed she’s contracted the virus … and she’s upped her demand.

The woman, in new legal docs filed as Jane Doe, says she was devastated when she got the results Saturday. The woman said she’d gone to get tested immediately after hearing reports Usher admitted in docs he has herpes simplex 2.

She sued Usher for $10 million after she says they had unprotected sex earlier this year. She now wants at least $20 million for emotional harm, medical bills and punitive damages.


  1. Honey you messed with s married man, that means he’s trifling!!!!! I can’t believe all these woman is thinking about is money. They need to be trying to find a cure

  2. Word….no rumors that std been passed around to so many celebrities …Next usher going to be doing a song for the herp commercial.

  3. Usher opened the flood gates for all these cac’s out here pretending to sing and have rhythm. The minute he co-signed Justin Bieber when he was still selling out seats and then played himself to take a great to “judge” amateur singers, he basically gave his crown to that loser.

    There’s a line to Drake as well, but y’all niggas too sensitive for that assessment.


    • Shut Up Fool.

      How the fuck is it cool when he did not tell them he was infecting them?

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