Child Rape Trial for Nicki Minaj’s Brother Jelani Starts this Morning

The trial, for child rape charges brought against Jelani Maraj, the elder of the two maraj’s, is scheduled to start this mornings.

Jelani Maraj’s attorney continues to plead for more time to prepare. Jelani previously turned down a plea deal offer for 15 years in prison. He faces 30 years to life if he’s found guilty.


  1. Throw his ass deep under the jail. I despise pedophiles. I hope he goes to jail and someone takes advantage of his ass.

  2. Just report the decision not all the hoopla in between. Does the Pied Piper expect to be charged since he hired an attorney?

  3. Hopefully they throw the book at him. However God forbid if he walks, I have the feeling that he won’t be alive too much longer. Nicky may use him as a sacrifice, since she hasn’t made one.

    • Read your Bible. Satan wont accept the pedophile anal raping oral raping std passing to children fat ugly old man as a sacrifice because he already has him!

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