Foxy Brown on Drug Fueled Downward Spiral?

From Crazy Days and Nights
Blind Items Revealed
May 1, 2017

This former A- list rapper had a decent career before she went to prison. Now she is such an addict, that she doesn’t care about anything else but getting high. She would rather have sex for drugs than to make the effort to do any kind of music.

Answer: Foxy Brown


  1. Wow. I THOUGHT HER AND Jay Z was Close back in the Dayv……..I guess he doesnt deak wirh her anymore……the music business is a tugh place to survive. YOU HAVE TO KEEP YOUR HEAD IN THE Game to Survive…

  2. Crrecrion: i guess he doesn’t deal wuth her anymore. So he doesnt help her with her career.

  3. This is so sad. She had a lot of talent. Maybe she needs to go on IYanla vanzant to fix her life.

  4. Didnt I hear she was selling that Poon some where in Brooklyn a while back ago, that bitch was hoeing $$$ for that shiit smh I mean shiit, Lil Kim looks weird as fuck but in the end I think she looks way better off than Foxie who just fell real bad!!!!!

  5. Well sad enough, we all know where she’s going to end up, since she likely won’t get her act together. All of these entertainers were used, abused, and spit out by the industry; only to turn to drugs. She could also be a potential next sacrifice as well.

  6. Foxy was popping back in the day. I love Foxy, super sad. I would have never thought she would end up like this. She was an intelligent girl…smh

  7. Damn, I was rooting for the Fox too. She’s a dope artist. She just can’t get it together.?

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