Blac Chyna and Mechie Denying Their Romantic Relationship…


Blac Chyna arrived back in Los Angeles, with her singer jump-off, Mechie, after hosting a party in Miami Beach, Florida.

Chyna and Mechie were hugging and kissing in the VIP section at Mint nightclub on South Beach.

OKAY!!! Than, what’s this? ??


  1. I never thought someone could annoy me as much as the kardtrashians but I was wrong. I’m so tired of blac chyna and all these gay guys she’s sleeping with idk if this bitch is actually really stupid or she’s trying to troll people smh sad world we live in.

  2. Chyna likes gay dudes or dudes she can fuck with strap ons

    If she ever tells that rob cross dresses and has a secret tranny its over

  3. I would date chyna as long as she don’t pull the dildo out I know lots of women who like fucking dudes and girls with strap ons

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