Usher Claims He is Herpes FREE, Plans to Sue Everyone Involved..

Why keep this information quite for so long though??

Celebrity Fembot attorney, Lisa Bloom announced of three people who are accusing Usher of exposing them to the herpes virus. This after news broke that the singer had secretly settled a $1 million lawsuit from his former nanny, who also accused him of infecting her with the herpes.

Well, Usher is fighting back (secretly via sandra rose…) with claims that he does not have herpes, therefore it is not possible he could have spread th virus to anyone.

Dig the drop:

“…according to a confidential source, Usher does not have herpes. Over the weekend, met with a credible source within Usher’s camp who provided documents and photographs that proves Usher Raymond did not pay his former babysitter, Maya Fox-Davis, a $1.1 million settlement.

Sandra Rose says that the 38-year-old crooner and his legal team are quietly building a defamation case against everyone involved — including lawyers and accusers.”


  1. This is a private health problem that shouldve been kept as a blind item. Street King is cool because yall been on this type of thing but the other blogs are turning this into a circus. Stds lead to cancer and death! This is not funny or meme levEl stuff. Black folk love to entertain themselves at other people’s expense. Everything isn’t a game!

    I’m sure this Man was raped in that Industry and molested. I feel for his alleged victims too as well. Many do not want to protect themselves no discipline. And I’m sorry a man sleeping with a man cones from molestation of some kind all parties involved have mental illness and needs help.

    • There is no such thing as a private health problem when it comes to spreading disease, DUMBASS!

      Like I told your ignorant ass before if this were HIV he would be charged with attempted murder and possibly received a PRISON sentence! So only losing $$$ should be a wake up call for him and ANYONE who does not disclose their sexual health status to their partners!

      NO ONE has the right to infect another person with anything knowingly and he knew he had this disease before he had sexual contact with any of these people and BY LAW was supposed to INFORM THEM.

      I don’t believe he is suing anyone, but it will be fun to see how he tries to squirm out of this one…but he’ll probably just end up settling again.


      • And yes he should not be spreading stds BUT this is for the courts and police to deal with not us. Why fuck a married man raw anyway? These people have to take responsibility they were not raped. Yes you can get herp with a condom but it’s less likely to happen with a condom so again THEY ARE ALSO TO BLAME FOR FUCKING A MARRIED MAN RAW.

        • You are as stupid as the day is long.

          For the zillionth time…YOU CAN CATCH HERPES EVEN WITH A CONDOM, YOU DUMB BITCH!!!!

          The issue is this POS chose to fuck any and everybody and NOT disclose his STD STATUS…THAT IS A CRIME ASSHOLE!

          Everything else you said is fluff ‘n’ fold irrelevant BS.

          • Somebody burnt you I can tell. You got herpes and don’t know who gave it to you.

            • That is all you can say, because you can’t say shit to combat the truth…

              Go sit your no sense making ass on somewhere.

              Because YOU don’t KNOW SHIT BITCH…

              • FYI, Keep fucking with them white boys you will be burning sooner than you think!

              • Thank Jesus the truth is finally being spoken about herpes and how easy it is to contract.

  2. How do you have photographs proving you didnt pay somebody? Lol how that work? This nigguh dick is burning!!

  3. Ummmm…?

    Does anyone else’s page show a fucking ad for herpes under GUsher’s picture?

    Ya’ll been talking bout this shit so much you have infected the INTERNET!!!! LOL….

  4. So why did Usher in 2012 settled a lawsuit with an unnamed woman who claimed she had contracted the ( herpes) virus from him? There’s no cure for herpes boo boo.

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