Usher’s Accuser Gives Live News Conference

usher accuser herpes news conference

As promised, attorney Lisa Bloom is moving forward with filing a lawsuit against Usher for exposing 2 women and a man to Herpes. One of the women, Quantasia Sharpton, is appearing alongside Bloom at a live news conference.

She says Usher picked her out of the crowd at one of his concerts, gave her his number, and met up with her at a hotel. The girl, who was celebrating her 19th birthday at the concert, said she had unprotected sex with the singer and he never informed her he had the virus.

The woman says she’s negative for herpes, but she still feels violated.


  1. Um, how long ago was this? Did she look like this when he picked her out the crowd ??

      • And that’s the gag! Because superficial people are gonna assume the same thing and not pay attention to the facts! Its dismissive and its ingenious to use that play to win a case.

  2. These ppl is setting Usher up. He would not get w/a woman like this, she is a slob. If he did get w/her, she ought to kept her ass hid, she is disgusting. 😛

    • “Black women have the best bodies in the world”
      “White women are getting butt implants to look like black women”
      “Other races haven’t got the shape of a black woman and are envious”

  3. I just cannot believe how stupid these women are. None of these trifling shrews was in any serious long term relationship with Usher why the hell are they allowing themselves to have unprotected sex with them. He is a celebrity and he is married, why in the hell are they expected honesty with a one night stand.

    It’s a hit and quit never to be seen again, Usher knows he has more to lose why the hell was he raw dogging knowing something like this could happen. I don’t feel sorry for neither party involved. These bitches were looking for a long term paycheck like child support that’s why they did this and some got more than they bargained for. I guess Usher will join Busta Rhymes there’s an entire website dedicated to how he gave a woman herpes.

  4. A bunch of confusion that doesn’t concern any of us because he is the one that has to pay and the chicks and dude(s) he allegedly infected have to fight for the pay.

  5. If i were a judge I would give her nothing , because she got nothing from usher but dick and by the looks of it was lucky to get that . This is a big FAT NA UH … NAAAAAAOOOOOOOHHHHHHH.

    • Why is everyone calling her fat,40% af black women in the U.S. look like her, she is quite average.

      • That’s a fucking lie I ain’t nowhere near being the size of that hippopotamus! And I don’t know any black women that size either. You need to bring that percentage way the fuck down!!

  6. If i were a judge I would give her nothing , because she got nothing from usher but dick and by the looks of it was lucky to get that . This is a big FAT NA UH … NAAAAAAOOOOOOOHHHHHHH. Yeah , they after Ursher now . When will these black men learn? You cant get away with what them white boys get away with . Stop going after the bait , you imbeciles. You cant see its a trap? They will take you for all you got .

  7. If Usher Raymond IV has Herpes Simplex 2 as alleged, well, he set himself up a long time ago maybe he felt compelled to do so.

  8. LMAO ??? MFs is roasting all over Twitter! Of ALL the people he could have picked… Of all the people…

  9. Allegedly, Usher knowingly slept with her knowing he had a disease & never told her.. Yet most of u are focused on her appearance. What a world we live in.

    • Yep…that is messed up but as a former extra big girl, I believe they had a smash session or two. In the eyes of a dude, she’s not likely to have a serious relationship and will welcome the opportunity to be with a celebrity for bragging rights. However, if a lot of guys think this way, and I once met a dude fresh out who wanted it without asking me anything about my history or whether I had jims on me, an obese chick should be avoided for a one-nighter.

  10. NO HERPES + WANTS A PAY DAY = GOLDDIGGER !!!! ~ (This Is Why Black Men Date Non-Black Women)

  11. Here’s the thing.How do they know this buffalo is not lying?? This bitch could have had herpes long before she met usher and hopefully this was many years ago just how could they go back and time and say usher gay her herpes.

    • She never said she had herpes. She wants compensation based on nondisclosure of his disease.

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