2 New Women & a Man Claim Usher Gave Them Herpes

usher gave man herpes

Two women and a man are looking to file lawsuits against Usher for exposing them to herpes while having sexual contact with the singer back in 2012.

Celebrity attorney Lisa Bloom says she’ll file the suit on Monday in California, and she’ll also hold a news conference in NYC to correspond with the filing.

One of the women will be there at the news conference, but the other two wish to remain anonymous. They’ll also be referred in the lawsuits as Jane Doe and John Doe.

What a nasty mess!!


  1. If these nuts learn how to use a condom they won’t be in this predicament ?

    • For the trillionth time…YOU CAN CATCH HERPES EVEN WITH A CONDOM!!!!!!

      Why are people so fucking stupid when it comes to knowing anything about disease…this is why this shit is rampant…

      • Ms.Capricorn83 is a typical AA woman . Completely clueless regarding human reproduction. It is genuinely sad, hence multiple children with multiple men.

    • What the hell did you think was happening when Diddy was taking him to sex parties when he was a child? You people know, but just want to push it to the back of your mind.

  2. I guess these dumb asses think since they have money they can stick their dicks in anything and they are prone to not catch anything. Celebrities are nasty as hell and I’m sure they all got every kind of STD you can have because they all go both ways smh I’ll take being a normal person.

  3. Proves that most black males in show biz are down low and or bi and if this is true yeh his career is over. He won’t be getting white boy passes.

  4. People have been knowing this bitch is a switch hitter…and if you didn’t you are a dumb MF.

    And if having the herpes was career ending there would be no hwood because ALL them MFs have the herpes( HSV I) from smacking on each other.

    Now being dirty enough to not disclose your condition to your partners is plain ratchet and he should def be charged and held accountable for that heinous unconscionable shit.

  5. Let me get this straight – condoms don’t prevent herpes. So those infected can screw raw so long as the other person is already infected too. Hollywood is aware of this and this is why they keep playing spin the bottle with the same people over and over again. Now these instagrams, DM grams and whatever all make sense. They enlist new people in the club! @#$^&*&!@#@ SHAME!

    • No you shouldn’t screw anyone raw, because they could have other shit too. Having the herps makes it easier to catch other diseases, because when you are having an outbreak that area of your skin is like an open sore.

      And yes the majority of hwood has HSV I (oral) from kissing scenes and yes that is why the majority stay with people in the industry and swap each other out because they already know, they are diseased and will not sue each other for catching the shit.

      The problems come when the fuckers , fuck with people not in the industry and pass that shit along…robin williams, jim carrey and now GUsher have all been called out because they have passed that shit onto people not directly associated to the industry.

  6. Wow! A man is suing Usher for giving him herpes! Usher is gay! I am convinced that every black man in hollywood is gay.

    • What was your first clue, idiot.

      The shit has been on here and every where else for years…

      It is not even about being gay, it is about doing ritualistic shit to get put on and stay on… the problem is once a man gets turned onto that unnatural shit they just don’t know how to stop.

      They develop a taste for it just like men who are turned DL while in the pen & come out thinking they are straight, but still fucking with men and infecting women with the monster.

    • I think the black men “Turned out in Prison” is a bigger problem. Watch the documentary of the same name.

  7. I knew it was just a matter of time before a man cam forward. Like I said in another Usher/herpes post on here, for every woman these dudes mess around with, there’s a man waiting on the side. I feel bad for neither parties involved.

    • He’s starting to look like his (god)FATHER Ben Vereen now. TRUTH

  8. Why are they targeting Usher? Who did he make mad? He isn’t the only 1 who has done this & at least it’s just herpes (allegedly). There’s a washed up r&b singer who’s possibly hiv positive & has knowingly had unprotected sex & probably infected ppl. When will ppl talk about him?

      • Maybe it’s someone w/some babyhairs….. Jacky, etc. need to spill the tea on who all they know who’s doing such a deed. Past & present offenders. Singers known for spreading stds.

        • @ Clue, the baby hairs things is a great point. In fact I got a feeling who I thought it was before you said that. But after seeing your comment, I am even more convinced who I think it is, cause I think homey also has “baby hairs”.

  9. The day of the male slut is at an end! LOL
    Nuccas walking around with a sack full of microbes, passing out trick or treats.
    Females get called names for sleeping around, so these dudes need to be labeled too.
    Spend more time building your communities instead of building your T-blood cell count.

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