Usher Explains ‘Best Mistake’ Without One Word About Bigot Bieber!


Just because he repp’ed The Voice doesn’t necessarily mean Usher’s really saying much. In fact, he ain’t saying sh*t! Let’s not forget…. Usher opted NOT to use his voice, back in June… keeping silent after that kid he co-signed was exposed as a bigot.

Now, two-months later… here comes Confessions Man… talkin’ about how “getting married at 28” was one of his best mistakes.

Not only did that marriage officially end back in 2009… Who the f*ck Cares??????? Can somebody please tell this fool: “Ya know you can have money and still be whack, right?”

Check out the great substance Usher brought to Oprah’s round table:

“Most people probably think I regret it because I ended up getting divorced, but it helped me learn that sometimes I think I know more than I actually do.”


    • I really don’t think Usher gives a dayum. In other words its not his problem. Its all about the dollarz. What can he say? He invested in this little girly looking bigoted punk. So he should reframe from commenting. Who really cares about his marriage to Tameka? NOBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They know that these white people don’t like niggas but its about the money for most of them. Its funny they align themselves with black people but they rarely openly date or marry black. Unlike a nigga! They get caught up and confused when thrusted into whitey’s world.

  1. Can yal please stop doing these stupid ass reports of these sellout ass lickin dick suckin celebrities. Its real shit going on out here. Fuck him and all the rest of these sellout house niggaz.

    • This is a gossip blog, HSK is just doing their job. What else should they report on around here?

    • Ass licking dick sucking but it is YOUNG THUG that is every1’s favorite rapper

      That’s why no1 should stop reporting the truth even if it is a bit watered down before we receive it

    • money talks here and usher has more.

      he simply didn’t wanna pay Tamika he already had to give her something for the divorce he didn’t wana pay her too for child support.

  2. Tamika seems more mature than usher. I’m sure she enjoyed the money but usher is so childish and wack.

  3. I give him a point for recognizin he didn’t and don’t know everything. Wish everybody did.

  4. This marriage was dissolved a long time ago. Get over it and yourself boo. I think Tameka is giving him a run for his money and his whining azz don’t like it. She still is the mother of his children regardless. He don’t have to like her but at least he can respect her. Sounds like Usher still making dumb moves ole sellout negro.

  5. it seems like Chilli broke up with him because she caught him with a man. and he probably f*cked that untalented piece of shit Justin Bieber too

  6. usher is a trans chaser!!!! a sellout coon he’s probabbly f*cking justine bieber on the low

  7. Usher made no mention of Beiber because he would then be admitting to being punked by a little white boy. The amount of black kids he passed that HAD talent, he decided to put a white boy on instead. When will black people learn, these people DON’T LIKE YOU!

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