Denzel, Jamie Foxx & Diddy Named On Aaron Hall’s Voyeur List!


“They all seen me f*ck, they all know I’m a big n*gga.”

Ya’ll didn’t believe us though, when we served up first word — wayyyy back in 2011 — exposing Jamie Foxx as a peek master! Now… three years later… here comes Aaron Hall publicly confirming our report — adding more names to the equation! Take That, Take That…

Aaron’s drop on Diddy isn’t surprising. Just ask his fellow Frosted Flakes compadre! But Denzel? Really? That’s something we’ve never heard before.

Peep what the New Jack Swing’er put out there:

“A whole lot of n*ggaz out there… from Jamie Foxx to Denzel Washington… to whoever — everybody know me. So everybody know… if I say it, Ima f*ck her to death.

I like to f*ck in public, you feel me? So n*ggaz can’t say nothing about it… them square azz… little d*ck n*ggaz. I like for them n*ggaz to see how I f*ck. Like you could speak to Puffy or Jodeci or any of them n*ggaz. They been in my house, they all seen me f*ck, they all know I’m a big n*gga.”


  1. its crazy how they make females have sex in order to see longevity and they making males do it too OMFG i dont blame any body that resigns from a job

    • THIS JUST MEANS HIS CHICKEN IS LIKE A TIC TAC! MOST NIGGAS WIT BIG CHICKENs/DINGS–>D**kS don’t brag about their business! So sadden by this dayum man leave the drugs alone dude! They got you hallucinating for real. LMAO

  2. And we care because?……Honestly? No wonder why Teddy Riley and Guy can’t get back together. Somebody forgot to tell Aaron that the crack, meth, coke days are long gone. I am actually ashamed, that his mentor: “Uncle Charlie” has more class and staying power than Aaron. In fact, Uncle Charlie looks a zillion times better than Aaron and he is older than him. What a shame, a waste of talent. He would rather spend what’s left of his relevance talking about his old peen, than telling us when he is going to drop some lyrics. The last we heard of Aaron was 2 years ago on Nas’s “Bye Baby”, which was pretty hot…..SMDH!

    • this is true. its precisely why
      i completely ignore celebs
      whenever i see them in and
      around l.a./hollywood…
      they always seem to ruin
      whatever positive perception
      i have for them.

      this man is too dam old to be conducting
      himself like some drunken sailor jus denied
      entry into some seedy, back ally, whore house.
      ijs… you’d think he had more poise and panache
      about himself… its disappointing

  3. I remember when Aaron and his brother used to sing with us in Hezekiah Walker fellowship choir in the early days.
    Wow is all I can say and to each his own. But he seem so angry and hostile talking about his fun so I dont get it

  4. This goes on in Hollywood.. Orgies…. Voyeurism…… That’s the entertainment business. NO surprise… My cousin use to go with Aaron Hall back in the day… It was nothing but sex parties…..

    • It’s not just entertainment, this same stuff happens in everyday society as well. The only difference between us and them is people care more about their nastiness because they are famous.

  5. An old adage my aunt taught me when I was younger
    Usually when u date a small dick man he has money
    Usualy when u date a big dick ninja he usually broke
    But when u find a big dick ninja with money, he usually out of his motherf*cking mind

    I think this is a perfect example

    *Thank u Aunt Sandy and may God rest your soul*

      • Thanx @khaliah
        She tried to teach the young ladies in our family not to be fools 🙂

      • Hilarious, RIP to your Aunt…so i’ll be on the lookout for a medium sized dude with a medium sized income, that combo will work better, lol.

  6. So is this what’s left of Arron Halls Legacy, Is this all he got left? But this is the Gayest shit ever this is backwards as f*ck . If I had to prove to you that I had a big dick the list of names that I ran down would not read like that, It would be mre like

    ———— the thin line between reality and fantasy….lol
    Jessica Ford
    Taral Hicks
    CHANDRA WILSON – Damn!!!!!

  7. This USE TO BE one of the Original Crooners. He Traded his gift for a real life Eddy Cane Jr. What a waste. He’s to old for foolishness. GET YOUR LIFE. YOU ARE STUCK ON STUPID AND HUNG UP ON DUMB. IS he still a Dog Whisper? LOL.

  8. Eww we give a f*ck about has been aaron hall he hasnt had a hit since I miss u so igorant I wouldnt want his azz anyday hes just mad cause hes not revelant anymore sad.

  9. The gayness just keeps coming puffy named always in somebody gay mouth we know u gay puffy just come out already damn.

    • Aaron was sleeping with women though. Men watch other men have sex all the time whenever they watch porn.
      I don’t think Diddy is gay, I think he pretty much goes whichever way the wind blows.

        • No but if the wind blows him to hetero sex parties does it make him straight? No.
          I believe Diddy likes both men and women so that makes him bisexual aka “he goes whichever way the wind blows”.

  10. And didnt he used to beat Gloria Vasquez ass? And he never paid a dime in child support for his son with her? Id bet Gloria couldnt wait to get away from Aaron and his big trifling dick

  11. These dudes falling out the gay closet left
    And right. This dude is laying out a blackmail
    Case against said stars. Gimme some bread
    Or ima start snitching. The bald black Kat

    • Agreed that was the warning shot! He better be careful!! Smh saw him at a 20 concert in the bx 2 years ago or so. Shared with Chris Williams, changing faces, and someone else. Only changing faces sounded good.

  12. His talking sounds terrible! Like he is straining to talk. U know like U go to the bathroom and U straining to get that hard shit out your ass? That’s what he sounds like. LOL

  13. I might be wrong, but shouldn’t he be naming the BROADS he laid, instead of the DUDES who watched?
    Probably weren’t no daggone broads there…
    Game done changed…

  14. Like what’s wrong with him, nobody cares how he fk. He’s all out the blue talking about how he screw. He must be off his meds.

  15. This washed up bald headed Negro is out of his mind but I guess when u have snort n smoked yourself to no end you talk like a delusional dope head. I guess that’s his only claim to fameis his raggedy peen since he ccan’t hit a lick with that voice that once serenaded millions.

  16. If he is big, he wouldn’t have to brag about it. A big ding ding will speak for itself. And why is he so hostile about having a big wood? Mann! That’s crazy and kinda nutty looking. He banging his hands together like he is going to kill someone for not recognizing his big lil wood.

    • Exactly Uh oh! That’s a sign of desperation. If U got to brag about U got, then I am not the one. That’s the second worst pet peeve of mines. Men bragging about sex.

    • I wouldn’t give a damn if jis dried up looking ass had the biggest and best dick in the business, he is too messed up and ugly for any woman to let him run up in her. This nigga is finished and he don’t know who he messing with by mentioning Denzel.

  17. Man jake is all messed up smh lol…..domino effect….more is coming and all is being revealed….I’m amazed y’all still don’t see what’s going on

  18. I can remember back in the day when R Kelly first came on the scene my Dad, who was a Guy fan said R Kelly stole Aaron Hall style

    • This is true. He stole his style, but r. Kelly’s talent is why he’s still here.

      Aaron Hall looks like Eddie Cain Jr. Damn! I remember when Guy came out. Lord have Mercy he looks terrible! 🙁

  19. aint this negro in his late 40’s? Still talking about how big his ding-a-ling is. Gtfoh with that BS. Looking like a 65 yr old deacon

  20. You can stick a fork in that nigga because he is done. Something happens to people when they go in the industry. Niggas watching other niggas have sex,drugs,alcohol. Seems like something takes hold of the people and they lose their natural minds. What is it about the entertainment industry that ruins people? Aron seems wasted in this interview. After this i wouldn’t be surprised to hear he is dead. I must say i am a little shocked to hear him mention Denzel in all this. If Denzel wife didn’t know about it then he got problems.

    • Oh, don’t worry…you ain’t said nothing but a word. The very mention of Denzel’s name is this horrid tale is surely going to be undoing of what’s cleft of Arron “Talking On His Dick” Hall. Ddue my want to shut up before he’s found did somewhere dead with his so-called “big dick in his mouth.”
      Just saying…`\(°_•)/`

    • Real everyday life has the potential to ruin all of us. Throw that in with the ability most celebrities have at not being held accountable for their actions and you have a recipe for disaster.
      Oh and don’t sleep on Denzel, he has been sleeping with Sanaa for years. I even read somewhere he got her pregnant and made her get rid of the baby. He’s a damn dog too.

  21. Being blessed in that area is great and all, but, that’s just one aspect of manhood. If the necessities of life are not taken care of, the “Mandingo” ish is pointless. If a brotha is dead, behind bars, on drugs, infected with an std… No Cigar! As blackmen, we focus on sexual prowess a lot because we have power in the bedroom. Remember, sex and violence are the 2 behavioral patterns that we control. Outside of that, we’re forced to deal with other folk. Women are attracted to us because we’re men of color. The size ish is just icing on the cake… That’s All

  22. All talk and no tape lol

    Big don’t mean good 🙂 I you are having sex with a woman who let’s others watch, then there’s a good chance that she’s getting paid. So the sounds she’s making my be “oh sh-t I’m going to the bank after this boring Fu-k” lol

  23. Maybe thats why Gloria Velez was so bitter about bring a babys mom. That dude seems made immature.

    • Sorry baby,Denzel right in there with them. He has one image on screen but in real life,he is a switch hitter.

  24. Yeah, this nigga bragging on his dikk size, his skills, and his fetish for fukking in the public, but word is he don’t take care of none of his seeds. Dude’s priorities seemed fukked up to me. What woman worth her salt would want to lay down with him?

    Oh and why he looks so bad? Black ain’t suppose to crack like that. As much fukking as he’s been doing he should look young and refreshed with his empty balls.

  25. You sound like A cook up smoking Pervert. Naming dudes that seen
    You smash. F*cking weirdo.

    • yeah, that shit sounds mad moist to me. I dont want no f*cking niggas hangin around me while Im f*ckin smashing. Fuck would I want other niggas to know I got a big dick for? Damn nigga, you advertising? All this shit he spittin moist as hell. SMH

  26. This disturbing, disgusting, deplorable, in denial ass niglet is still bragging on his dick and he’s 50??! Talking about “if a bitch can’t handle my dick, she can’t have my last name… ” ARE YOU SERIOUS??!!

    Dude, get yo dirty dick tested and go to rehab… NOW!!! *smh*

  27. BTW, naming a bunch of famous men when talking about your dick size and sex game with women sounds absolutely, totally, ultra, mega, uber moist! #ImDone

  28. I can see aaron telling these guys hey check out this dick I’m packing.

    wonder how many girls can say they let aaron hit while denzel, puff, martin or anybody watched.

    did these guys run a train on these girls seems like everybody liked it.

  29. I read ALL the comments 1st then watched the video now imma gone say this and make it known Aaron used to brag on his self proclaimed name, NaughtyMan UUGGHH back when his group was fresh n poppin HOWEVER i NEVER found him attractive just nasty lookin! this fool done been on this earth all these yrs and THIS is all he has to show for himself!?!?!?! sheitt Teddy Riley somewhere readin this here sheitt ballin laughin UMPH UMPH UMPH stank dack nicca you’s a BISEXUAL FREAK!!!!! dis here sheitt ain’t cute!!!!! then this FREAKY FOOL goes poppin off @ the mouth naming names unnn unnn you DON’T do that! ESPECIALLY the ones you naming! chile this here fool ASKING for burial money for his depressive old keeper of the crypt stank azz! BYE TYRONE!!!!! like Nino Brown said in New Jack City while pouring liquor over ole girls head, “CANCELL THAT BISH!”

    • I dont wish death on anyone, but I wouldnt be surprised if we here about him suddenly dying “unexpectedly” from a overdose.

  30. Sounds to me like this crusty old ass nigga will stick dick to anyone who stands still,male or female. Aron needs some help because he got it bad. I never heard of a dude wanting show off his dick size to other dudes. This is a first.

  31. He’s too passionate about the wrong sh*t. He looks nasty. I bet he doesn’t care about passing on a disease.

  32. Not as bad a I thought after viewing the comments. Just a womanizing chauvinistic dude with an old school low level pimp mentality that won’t get him absolutely anywhere in life. Those are the type of men you don’t acknowledge and let the women who are on his level deal with.. simple as that.

  33. He think he is a turn on when he’s a complete TURN OFF! Weird freak! I hate to see an overgrown Negro talk sh#t about their manhood.

  34. I can hear him now talking to puff and Jaime “I’m working with a monster” lol I see u watching me

    • Puff was probably licking his lips when he saw old dude was packing like that. Jamie probably just bent over and told him not to hurt it,take it easy. Lol!!


  35. EW he can keep that crack head Dick! Gloria valez said that he injects his balls with drugs! Gag!!

  36. Hollywood is built on affairs all celebrities cheat with their co-star or music producer or body guards that how they operated
    we all know cheating in very bad but Hollywood is a very bad place!!!!

    parents pimping their children out for paper!! not worth it i watching “marrying the game”
    and kail (the game’s daughter) wanted to be like Olivia pope from (scandal) anyway her mother took her to a casting agency
    Kali was shy but she did her thing

    after Tiffany when to see Sonja (brandy and ray’s mother) Sonja told Tiffany to wait until Kali is older

    come on Sonja pimped out her children young brandy had sex with wanya from (boyz to men) what a hypocrites

  37. Right that is a total Turn Off what woman would want him she has to be not about deal wit his wanna be back in the 90s azz. Hes a washed r&b singer living in the past trying to remain relevant some what but noone is really listening to him has been.

  38. I use to love that song I miss u never knew he was a azzhole like this no wonder hes single at 50. He sound dumb azz f*ck go away aaron hall ur washed up.

  39. It just broke my heart to hear him say that Denzel likes watching men with big dicks have sex. I thought Denzel was a class act,but now i find he is in the gutter with the rest of them low life Hollywood dudes. Those are some filthy,no morals,disease infested ass niggas. Now i see why the Bible says trust no man. Denzel likes watching this dude f*ck women,and i will bet they f*cked some dudes too. Anytime a man will sit back to watch another man f*ck,he will f*ck a dude….trust me on that one. No straight man i have ever met is going to sit there and say to go ask another man how big his dick is. I bet this was some sex ritual they be having in the industry.

    • Why in f*ck did it break your heart? That’s what you get for making these so-called stars idols and gods over you. Worship THE MOST HIGH not human beings. Hollywood sells false images,not the truth. Just because someone is famous and/or rich does not mean that they have good morals and are good people.

  40. how many rappers bragged about their dick size and the women they get.

    snoop said he had the biggest dick.

    eazy, dre, cube, too short, willie d, big daddy kane, pac, biggie, luke, bushwick bill, scarface, big mike, they all bragged about how big their dicks were and how many girls they had.

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