Ciara’s Got BIG Problems With One ‘Thirsty’ Tabloid!


Before Ciara set out to begin her day, this morning.. she took to a moment to enlighten us all with this tweet: “Rockin Valentino. Off 2 Werk.”

That’s after CiCi set off a Twitter war with UsWeekly, last night. You know, around time when Ferguson cops were tear gassing members of a Black community outraged — and arresting members of the media — demanding answers over the murder of 17-year-old Michael Brown?

Here is what’s out there:

“Ciara’s having a tough week following reports of her engagement being called off to fiancé Future and is now addressing an alleged false story by a popular gossip publication.”

CiCi jumped onto her social media page to slam Us Weekly over a story it ran:

“@usweekly I did not do this interview with you! This is a lie, and tasteless! Must you be that thirsty to create a story?! Unbelievable!,” she tweeted August 13. “Be CLEAR @usweekly. I interviewed with your Beauty Editor about Degree & Mtv HOS. U manipulated my words & took the interview for sensation.”

“As I Said, Thirsty!!” 



    • AMEN! NOBODY CARES AND SHE GETS WHAT SHE GETS! Future CiCi? What number does your baby have? Number 7 or 8? Which number are you(baby mama)?

  1. Sadly I don’t think Ciara is socially aware enough to tweet about what went on last night in Ferguson. It’s just not in her wheel house. I was watching it live on MSNBC and Lawrence O’Donnell and a former police chief they had on as a “law enforcement expert” were going HAM on the Ferguson PD for what they were doing. They were more vocal and hard than anyone else I have heard so far in the mainstream media. I’m glad there is at least one news source who gets it right.

  2. Ciara sweety if you didnt say it let it go! They saying a lot about you…. Come out with music…. Make them talk about something different…. Us weekly paid you….mediafakeout lying on you and they ain’t paid you anything…. I don’t here you talking about them… Your child father cheated on you and after the news broke a network called you to interview…. You should’ve known they wanted to know about the breakup more than some damn makeup tips… They want excitement and media and the only thing happening with you is a baby and future cheating ways and his baby mommas you the one brought that to the surface with baby momma photos how you all get along … I bet they don’t even speak to you no more…. Ciara get some business with music

  3. yawn….who da hell cares sighing…… im sure something is
    wrong wit her anyway shes the 2014 jlo bowwow 50 and now future whos next

  4. I normally don’t say things like this, but she should have seen that one coming. Glad she woke up and made Future part of her past. (Pun intended)

    you fell for a man with 4 kids and 4 baby mamas…
    Didnt think he’d marry you did ya?

    Man did show up for his SONS BIRTH.

    Drop the mic, IM OUT….

  6. When you taunt the other baby mother’s, karma comes to bite you in the ass. He was f*cking her while “body party” was out, now she’s a baby mom so he skated on her.

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