Beyonce & Jay Z’s Alleged Surrogate Files for Custody of Blue Ivy!


Mr. and Mrs. Carter are at the center of a federal suit that could lead the estranged couple to give up their parental rights!

Reports reveal… Tina Seals — the Carters alleged surrogate — is asking a judge “to declare her her maternal rights and grant her full custody” of two-year-old baby Blue.

“Beyonce’s lawyers have yet to respond… it has been reported that Tina’s lawsuit specifically states she is the biological mother of Blue Ivy.”

Just yesterday [August 14, 2014], Seal launched the case against the Carters. In the suit, Seals claims that she was “previously associated” with the Beyonce and Jay Z and wants the judge “to verify whether she is the biological mother” of Blue Ivy Carter.


You’ll recall… speculations surrounding the validity of Bey’s pregnancy surface after her apparent ‘baby bump fail’… leading Beyonce to shoot down the fake pregnancy rumors saying… that she “isn’t that vain to hire a surrogate.”

“I dont think she was pregnant. The deflated stomach thing. I watched the video and I don’t know. She sat down and she looked up like ‘oh s**t’.” -Tamar Braxton, “Tiny Tonight” [December 20, 2012]

“I never realized how not pregnant Beyoncé might have been until the Saturday premiere of her HBO documentary, Life Is But a Dream. Since announcing her pregnancy at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards (in August of that year), there have been naysayers, referred to with tongue in cheek as “Beyoncé birthers.” There was that footage of her apparently pregnant belly folding in on itself when she made an appearance on Australian TV in the fall of 2011. Months later, Beyoncé addressed it with a pithy explanation: “It was a fabric that folded – does fabric not fold? Oh my gosh, so stupid.” ~Rich Juzwiak, Gawker [February 18, 2013]


  1. Isn’t this the same woman who claim to be surrogate for Mariah, Princess Kate, Kimye? She sounds Crazy granted I do believe Bey used a surrogate.

    • There’s pictures that I’ve downloaded with Beyonce and Jay on a beach with her bare stomach exposed and at least 6months pregnant I might add.So,this lady and this Socalled surrogate nonsense is as plausible as Bigfoot and dinosaurs still being in existence.

      • With all due respect, I personally don’t care for koolaid so you won’t catch me drinking that poison. I leave it all to the Beyhive. They can carry on. I believe she used a surrogate (not this lunatic) and only Jesus can come off the cross and tell me otherwise. Hollyweird is great with props that can fools the masses and I know I saw Bey on GMA concert series July with a tiny waist, small yellow mini dress jumping around on stage in her crazy performance in Central Park and the next month she launched a 5 month phoney belly at the awards show. What a miracle to behold? Thanks God I don’t drink their koolaid

        • At the end of the day this is a stupid story because a surrogate does not have right to file for custody because they are paid to give birth to a child with someone else’s DNA. So she could never file for custody so this story is pointless. If Beyonce had a surrogate it’s not really a big deal because she paid for a service which she can do but the child would still be her’s and Jay’z period. My comment is only talking about the legal aspects not the fact that Beyonce may have lied about her giving birth to her child, whatever. I just hate when people don’t use their critical thinking skills.

          • Critical thinking has nada to do with it. Read up on the Baby M case. That case is one of the reasons why many jurisdictions ban surrogacy now. Surrogates catch feelings or demand more money all the time which is why most who do use them now use donor eggs, or their own eggs but not the surrogates eggs . Because in spite of contracts most courts will not alienate a biological parents rights even if money has changed hands . You cannot contrwct something thats essentially illegal, like selling a baby , and expect courts to uphold it.

        • Well in the first pic, that is the most glorious look of a woman who just gave birth! She looks so summer fresh, luckly I know thats not how you look after you push a baby out of your vag!

          • What kills me is that is not a human baby. That is a doll baby. A Real Baby doll. Im not shitting you. Google it. Thats why the photo looks so odd and her face is kind of blurry. Thats certainly not jay z clone blue ivy. Blue was already long born by the surrogate when this photo, which was supposedly taken in the hospital was shot. Beyonce carried dolls around for a few months which is why she always kept the face covered. Really stupid plan to fake people out that obviously did not work.

        • You’re one of the smartest people I know now. You are 1000% right! Don’t ever drink their koolaid, it’s dirty, filthy, rotten and poisoned with every lie and false hood imaginable. #TRUTH!


      • Yeah and theres a pic of her on that same beach where her stomach was flat as a board when she thought no cameras were around. Also you dont have a waist line at six months pregnant, and your rib cage would not show. At 9months no woman would be able to climb up into an suv unassisted the way beyonce did.

      • I saw the same pix and that is far fetched to say 6 MONTHS. It looked like a gut full of food, besides if she’s going to show off her belly in her early trimester she would really do it late in stages. It’s a thing most first time moms do.


  2. If she is blue ivy surrogate I’m pretty sure hey and jay have top notch lawyers and all the right documents. Bet might be too stupid but not jay.


    • Hey man! How have you been?
      That top pic is a photoshop fail!
      Looks like 2 completely different pics the way they filtered and focused. And that baby looks like my mamas son.. not miserable and d*ke looking Blue. Sorry but they arent raising that baby to be a little girl..


  4. HSK…you guys are SO late on this…
    I posted this on another post about Beyonce (Kerry Washington & Lilli Tomlinson Goes In On Beyonce)hours ago to get your attention!

  5. Not surprised at all. Most of us who aren’t brainwashed figured Blue Ivy was carried by a surrogate, be it Tina Seals or another …

  6. The only people who have a problem with this are the Beyoncé p*ssy eaters. The same people who were going to bat for her. Claiming that “she’s pregnant”, “have you ever been pregnant before?”, “why are you hating?”. You know, the mass majority who lack common sense. But for the rest of us who knew what time it was are not surprised at all, something like this was bound to happen. In the end, Beyoncé IS that vain:)

  7. If true are not I don’t know I was not there one thing for sure I know that this lady that is claiming to be not only blue mother but also north west mother too have lost her mind no its righ mind will grant her anything once she signed over her legal rights. Seems like someone wants 15 minutes of fame that just might.turn in to 15 minutes of shame.

  8. If this was truth there’s now way this demented woman silence would not have been played for in advance because something Luke this if confirmed as truth could FCK up the Jay/Bey Brand and we all know these people are very protective of that so,with that being said,I smell bullshit!!!

  9. Let’s not forget,the entire hospital floor was clear for the birth of Blue Ivy so where was this psycho woman at then.Ask Dwight Howard did Bey use a surrogate.

  10. Have to take a leap a smear the truth before it’s put out duh

    I would think the chick who birthed Jay-Z’s child is either Solange or a unrelated chick who I’m sure has already been murdered

    To imagine the sloppiness of allowing their surrogate’s honesty coming to light is beyond the depths of impossible

    This story will never be entertained because no1 has valid evidence

    Personally I possess no interest in their artistry Or their child besides the fact that he looks like he has HIV & I speculate as soon as some! brings up the elevator story it comes to mind that if Solange indeed carried her sister’s child she most likely had no idea if he had such a disease that their child definitely contracted

    Jay-Z has a son already & if it were initiated like Blue Ivy he’d be a prince to both Bey & Jay but the way that the indoctrinated children work is you must give up your either 2nd born or 1st child or something of that sort & we all know Jay-Z’s mistress “fell” from a tall building whilst pregnant w/ his child so this story is just a decoy as everything else tabloids publish

    • There was more than one surrogate at the time BIC was in utero. There was more than one surrogate in labor at the time BIC was being born. BIC “won” the baby lottery because the Carters had their criteria for their baby and she met it. Their mistake is that they had their children born in a public hospital. Non-disclosure agreements don’t mean shit to people who haven’t signed them. There were so many people in and out of that hospital who’ve known the truth about Beyonce’s fake pregnancy. Jacky knew the truth because I relayed it to him. He just never posted about it until recently. I guess he needed some receipts.

      • Id bet that white bodyguard they had knocked off (allegedly) or set up was about to talk and spill all the beans on the Carters dirty little secrets

        • The lies the Carters perpetuated about their deceased ex-bodyguard will never sit well with me. Julius DeBoer needs to find himself a new employer before he ends up a casualty.

          • Notice hes gone already. Shes been put and about with a random. Handsome Julius is nowhere to be seen. jay z probably had him pink slipped for letting Solo get that kick in.

      • @B.Stiviano, thanks for the info. What happened to the child that didn’t fit the criteria, he/she still share the Carter’s dna?

        • I was told there were multiple children. I can only assume they are with their surrogates. I’ve seen pics lately of a little boy photographed with a white woman who looks just like Jay-Z. The child appears to be BIC’s age. It may be a coincidence, but in all honesty, their shenanigans are seriously going to catch up with them soon.

    • I started reading your comment and couldn’t stop, whew…so outta breath right now. Next time use some periods and commas so I can pause and stop to take a breath every now and again….. at least sheesh!

    • JR…he looks like he has HIV? I hate people like u..f*ckin shit starters…never know what the hell ur talking about…the dumbest comment I may have ever read in my life..well…like half I read..all I. Ended to know ur a dipshit.

      • I don’t know what I’m talking about because I’m stating an observation? He has always had meat on his face even when he was slim when he made In My Lifetime to The Dynasty & it’s he doesn’t lately I don’t why I have to be a dipshit because he appears sick to me but if it’s the dumbest comment then at least it’s memorable & you’ll never forget that you read it here 1st & obviously I can’t feel honored for enlightening you even though you don’t appreciate it but I feel nothing from your hatred & that’s more than I can ask for

        Maybe if you read it thoroughly you would have taken in the word “speculate” & respected my view as I do pay dues to exist in this life & type on this Mac & comment on this site whilst you bash & whine because you don’t like what you choose to read & comment on

  11. I always wondered about that pic. When I had all my babies I couldn’t keep my eyes off of them.just saying.

  12. Ain’t no WAY this will ever be proven one way or the other.
    Is there anyone out there who thinks that J&B will let the truth be confirmed?
    This woman is walkin’ on some thin ice. She might be “gone” befoe mornin’…

  13. I thought the whole thing was bizarre from the get go. First Cathy White gets exposed as Jay’s possibly pregnant mistress. A short while later “private” ass Beyonce pops up on the red carpet at the VMAs rubbing a little “bump”. This pic up top is even weird considering she looks like she just got in a bed and posed with the baby. I doubt this story though.

    • You gonna eat yo Cornbread?
      Hey lady!

      Either this woman is a total loon or she was hired by TPTB as part of the Carters smear campaign..

      Didnt Bey have a C section? She would have a scar..

      • Scar don’t prove nothin’.
        Doctor could give her a “scar” and not do one other thing to her body.
        Scar won’t convince anyone.
        DNA… get ‘er done!

  14. There is something about that baby picture that looks so unreal. Who in the world would care if they used a serogate? It is usually when people try to fool the public that noses and hands get to working, looking for secrets.

  15. I said it before and I’ll say it again: If Beyoncé was really pregnant, she would have been wide as all outside. You mean to tell me a chick that’s been struggling w her weight for YEARS and has all those hips, ass, knees & legs…would have a baby, not gain an ounce, and snap back? Please! If she was pregnant, it would’ve been all over her during and after! Just like Amber Rose!

    • Amber Rose has yet to lose her baby weight. Same goes for Kim Kardashian. You are absolutely correct in noting that Beyonce, had she actually been pregnant, would’ve been rowing the same boat as Kim and Amber.

      Solange had snapback because she was young and skinny to begin with. She could probably have a couple more babies and look like she was never pregnant, but not Beyonce.

  16. I dont believe Beyonce was ever pregnant but I dont believe this woman Tina carried the baby it was someone else. Maybe Solange but who knows at this point.

  17. The real surrogate will never see the light of day because Bey and Jay will have her neutralized before she get the first check from the tabloids. Even though Bey was never pregnant, we’ll never know all the details of who and where and her co-conspirators, the hospital, have been sworn (paid)to secrecy. This secret is on the same level with did Marilyn really kill herself or did the Kennedys have her eliminated. If Bey’s surrogate becomes inconvenient, she won’t live long enough to file a lawsuit.

  18. Beyonce was pregnant..she lost not one but two babies. So if she did decide to let someone carry her baby for her it was not for vanity sake, it was because she couldnt do it herself to full term. When her dad was managing her I remember she had a studio session with an unnamed artist that was a no show and her dad informed the unnamed that Beyonce had suffered a miscarriage. The pics from the HBO doc of her pregnant were real…old. She lost that baby around 18 weeks so her baby bump she proudly showed on the island was real. I dont understand why people are so hard to judge the source of her baby.

    • I agree with everything you wrote, I don’t care where Blue came from but I do have a problem with Beyonce lying about being pregnant with Blue.
      The public would’ve understood her not being able to carry a baby full term and needing the help of a surrogate, it happens all the time.
      That media pregnancy was what ended my appreciation for both Jay and Bey. I hate to be lied to and what I hate more is for someone to treat me like I’m stupid and that is exactly how the Carters treat people. Hell I would respect Beyonce more if she didn’t say anything at all about her so called “pregnancy”.

  19. Beyonce has a cycle and a Vagina just like all other women have and she can bare children.I’m not sure why its so unheard of for her to give birth to a child as if her box is any different.I think not.

    • Periods and vaginas are not what make a woman fertile. Its hormones to produce healthy eggs then too the lining of the vagina has to b e receptive. Many women can get pregnant but cannot carry a baby full term.

  20. The Carter’s belong to a special secret society and in this society there are many people in it who play certain roles. There are prostitutes for the elite, women who specifically carry and birth children, drug runners, cloning centers, politicians, royal families, hit men, spies, security, handlers, etc,.. This woman may indeed be someone who used to be used for one or more of these purposes and knows she was used but doesn’t know who’s baby she delivered. Or even if she delivered a baby for the means of being born just to be sacrificed. Maybe her programming has broken and she is now talking about this.

    Because I am so sure about this, I cannot be so quick to label her as “crazy”. In fact that is exactly what kind of reaction TPTB want us to have because they don’t want us to ever believe or even phantom they could do the most evil things. If this is not one of those padded room specials, I pray this woman is protected, seeks support and is hidden well, because this will surely shake up the Hornet’s nest.

    • I believe this story. Shyt just dont leak like this when u are in the 300 million dollar club and over out of the blue

    • Don’t know how she can prove it with Blu’s dna if she carried a child with b/jay’s dna.

    • We all know that a lot of shit happens behind the scenes other then that fact I still don’t get the point of the story did the surrogate say that she did not get paid or something because people do hire surrogates. I mean other then her sharing her business with the whole world which she doesn’t have too. I mean I saw the pictures and clips and she didn’t always look pregnant in my option but I am really not re-living this moment almost 3 years later.

  21. i wouldnt be suprised if the carters paid her to say this to keep them in the spotlight
    beyonce know her time in the spotlight is almost up and she is clinging for dear life
    i bet she wonders to herself from time to time was it all worth it

  22. I remember during my teen years viewing footage of Jay attempting to conduct an interview with Uncle Luke sitting beside two naked females eating each other’s boxes. I was thrilled when he started to wear suits, married and started a family. All an illusion 🙁

  23. Its been said that Beyonce was pregnant in her teens by her first love Lyndell but she had an abortion. If she had two miscarriages already its probably karma for being a baby killer. Even though having a child would have ruined her chances of being a star but Solange had her baby at 17.

  24. How did this story even come out? It makes me wonder why Kathy White ended up dead:-(

    • jayz did a song back in the late 90’s called “can’t knock the hustle” ft mary j blidgw
      he wines and dines her then he hires 2 twins to kill her in a limo the video is creepy

      damon dash and jayz and freinds are sitting around a table plotting her death the 2 twins ride up beside her and kills her
      in a limo while jay is talking to her on the phone

      can you say creepy

  25. Beyonce needs a blood sacrifice thats why all this negative press is coming out on them the elites let that pic be exposed cause they aintdoing something they surpose to be doing more things are to come.

    • She don’t need no blood sacrifice. Jay tryna smear her name. All kinds of BS been coming out ever since she started talking about divorce. He’s gonna try to ruin her.

  26. beyonce when to the VMA grabbing all the attention from other perform (as usual) cause we know miss beydummie “gets jealous when someone else is performing
    (tina and matthew) raised a spoiled brat and this spoiled brat is getting her just desert by treating her band mate like crap

    beyonce is getting her karma all the bad things she done to get ahead is falling before her slow talking ass

  27. I knew she was never pregnant more fakeness as usual to keep the cameras roll’en publicity they have to stay in the center of attention everything about them is fake and I’m not saying this because I’m not a fan I am not a fan I always suspected this is another smoke and mirrors thing not only them but Kim and Kanye West also a sham ran by Chris Jenner these people are so fake til it has become obvious

    • kanye and kim made it in the power couples list it really make you wonder!

      also kanye wants to build a kardashian cathedral

  28. Me myself i really believe that Beyonce’s sister had that baby and was paid well I just don’t believe she was ever really pregnant I think her sister had the baby for them because she does favor Jay and b so in order for her to look like both of them her sister was the first candidate because she looks like them what a fake hook up the uncle already told half the story I don’t think he was lie’en everything about Hollywood is fake fake fake watch out for the smoke and mirrors and the fakeness

  29. I don’t believe everything I hear and darn sho can’t believe everything u see with all the photo shop that can b done. I don’t believe the pictures of Beyonce with a falling stomach. She got to much money to be stuffing herself to look pregnant when she could very well worn a prosthetic pregnant belly. I know she didn’t carry a baby. Beyonce is to worried about her figure and even said on a special that she wasn’t meant to be slim. She said that she can’t eat much food or else she gains weight. She said she eats like a couple slices of tomatoes, some lettuce on the side and still have to work out or she will gain weight. So you know she’s not going to get pregnant, risk gaining weight.

  30. If it is true n the surrogate came forward I feel sorry for them, for having their trust broken, these Ho’s aint loyal. This alleged woman must be crazy or on drugs to think Lil Blu is her child. She may have carried her but that is Jay Z’s sperm and Beyonce egg all the way.

  31. Who gives a damn?……all blk celebs who don’t repent will be put to death!

  32. Not just black people all people. And everybody is gonna die. These celebs most of them really sell their souls so it doesn’t matter if they repent they soul belong to Satan.

  33. Now this is sure fire proof that Bey and Jay f*cked up with the illuminati and got their membership revoked, because the illuminati let this surrogate slip out of the cracks. .yup its over for them

  34. Solange had Blue for Bey. Bey wasn’t going to mess her figure up. That’s her money maker. Just think who would you want to be your

  35. Just think who would you want to be your surrogate your sister or a complete stranger. So yes Solange had Blue for sister. I would do it for my sister

  36. Those fake arse court papers my 10 year old son can make better documents than THAT!!!






    • Good question. I still can’t believe Jackson fans still believe he is the father of his children. It’s like they completely forgot Michael was a dark skinned Black man with a fro and a large nose.
      He’s another one who got away with doing crazy stuff. Remember when he hung one of the babies over a balcony?

  38. Beyonce threads sure do bring out the crazies. That woman is f*cking nuts looking for some attention.She should be reporting to the nearest psych ward with her delusional azz..Blue Ivy is the mix of JayZ and Beyonce.Any fool with eyes can see that! That psycho needs to get her meds and take them!

    • Um The baby doesn’t actually inherit any DNA from the surrogate. She’s just a vessel for the mothers fertilized egg so yeah she would still have both Bey and Jay Z DNA.

      • @Say Cheese, Thanks for explaining this. I’m sure you’ve had to say this more than once. But here it is that Blue is almost a grown woman and people still don’t know what the word surrogate means. I don’t believe Solange birthed Blue, but I wouldn’t doubt if her eggs were used or maybe even someone else in that family.

  39. She’s the only female I know that didnt gain weight!!! Most people show their fat feet or the swelling of their body but not her. And then zgo out the way to make a youtube video get REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. got some juicy gossip for you …. got it off youtube if i miss anything out i’ll post the link

    r kelly and jayz beef came from jayz’s jealously!! at the time r kelly was really hot he had his album out back in 2003
    he had tours… r kelly and jayz did a tour back in 2004 they must of had a fight jayz ruined r kelly career

    by releasing the sex tape the video was grainy you couldn’t see r kelly’s face after the sex tape incident r kelly’s career
    was done then jayz’s career blow up which means jayz had something to do with r kelly’s sex tape!!!

    here’s something really juicy back in 1999 beyonce had a crush on r kelly and wanted to get with him!! jayz was pissed he took
    aailyah from r kelly…..jayz forbid beynoce to go near r kelly or do a song with him

    here’s the link:

    • In addition to what WLO said…
      Everyone here at HSK is overlooking one thing. If one is to believe this supposed couple is already separated & on the verge going public with this information all while still having to complete a tour together… JAY-Z IS MOST LIKELY THE PERSON BEHIND THIS “SURROGATE STORY.” IF any of this true, it’s nothing more than a smear campaign
      to defame Beyonce & tarnish that “fake-ass” PR team/media generated image of hers. A surrogate who had any such dealings with the Carters would NEVER come up against them like this out of fear if nothing else. This is the handiwork of TPB or Jay-Z.
      And…should they actually break up he will seek full custody of their child & get it. Mark my words & don’t be surprised if the “talk of separation & divorce go away soon. ”

      Watch what I tell you…

  41. While I DO NOT believe Weaveonce gave birth to ANYTHING & firmly believe
    Jay-Z is a diabolical bastard I have to admit I may have been WRONG in my opinion about this story.

    Apparently, the supposed “surrogate” Tina Seals is a complete nut job who the judicial system should send to jail for filing countless frivolous lawsuits & attempted extortion…these are just the first of many charges that come to mind. Beyonce may have had a surrogate but it surely wasn’t this woman.
    Check this out:

    In addition to filing a maternity suit for Blue Ivy, Tina Seals has previously filed similar suits against Kim Kardashian and Kanye West in regards to North West, Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson in regards to Michael Jackson’s children Prince, Paris and Blanket, and even the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge!

    In her suit alleging maternity of North West, in the space allotted for describing the monetary compensation desired, Tina wrote, “stipulation + Negotiable money judgment OR Record Deal for my 22 year old son w/ Kanye West.”

    That case was tossed out on August 8 by Judge Loretta A. Preska in a ruling that states the Kardashian suit “is one of the more than a dozen cases that Plaintiff has filed in this Court in the past month.”

    Another of those more than a dozen cases was against Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon. And as far as compensation, this time around Tina asked for:

    Stipulation signed by Judge for:

    5 vocal sessions with/ Mariah’s Vocal Coach

    5 CD’s Produced, mixed, mastered, distributed by Mariah’s label w/ her featured on one and all five endorsed by her.

    Oh but wait…there’s MORE.This same lady has filed law suits against Janet Jackson, several churches & Pastors as well. It was toonly much to include here so I’ve provided a link to the whole story. I admit when I’m wrong & I believe I was WRONG this time & want to set the record straight.

  42. beyonc e has the craziest fans she has a dyke cult worshipping her telling girls to kill themselves for her.

    this might be a crazed fan who wishes she was bey and thinks shes the mother of blu.

    she has her own beyble which devout followers can learn the words to her songs.

    shes gonna die for all our sins.

  43. There is certainly no doubt that JayZ is the father. Blue Ivy is the spitting image but, she doesn’t appear to look anything like Beyonce. No smoke, without fire, as they say!

  44. y’all shld just stop. it doesn’t matter how she got the baby or not Blue is her baby period. she living her life n y’all here hating. Ds pictures look pretty real to me n d baby looks like baby Blue. tk a closer look. it ain’t no doll. y’all shld leave Bey lady n her family. dy just wnt some privacy. dts all

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