UPDATE: Stevie J, Benzino, MiMi & Althea React To MESSY Mash-Up [VIDEO]


Stevie Restrains MiMi, Clocked Unconscious… Coked-Up Joseline Catches Beats By Althea… OG Deb Antney Steps Up Too!

Talk about turnt up! The chaos on the set of LHH’s ‘Atlanta Reunion’ could have Mona Scott Young wetting her giant panties! Just ask Stevie J, who’s speaking out during the calm after the storm.

“The reunion for @VH1 #LHHATL will be epic” ~Stevie J. tweeted.

And that storm was BANANAS! Joseline — is said to have been coked up during the turnt ATL Reunion taping — and hasn’t had sh*t to say since the brawl… and she’s said to have set off the whole thing! Just ask Waka’a wifey, who the Ratchet Rican first went in on. That’s what led Deb Antney to ‘rip her wig off.’

“I’m done filming with this Love&hiphop sh*t til they start drug testing these#PromFein a$$ b*tches” ~Tammy

Then she allegedly popped off on Althea, Benzino’s fiancé. “I hate fighting but she hit me first I had to defend myself,” Althea said.


Sources say…. Cops were called to the set and filming was stopped for some time, but it then started back. That’s when the incident was reported taken to a whole other level! Word is… Joseline tried to fight MiMi and that Stevie J got into it and held down the mother of his child, while his Joseline knocked her unconscious. MiMi was rushed to the hospital.



Peep the Video below…


    • Ericka and Rasheeda thank you for representing the sistas with morality! Mimi CPS should be looking to visit you any day now! Stevie and Joseline are so pathetic! Waka and tammy what? Not sure why you all are on the show as you add less than zero to the story line! Althea and Carly you all have truly earaned your hoeahip in the hoeology hall of fame. Zino you weak and wack! I see you love hoes and hookas! Shame on you Zino no street Cred!

  1. Im glad Deb was there to help Tammy
    Deb is an og and so is her brother
    I know they they dont really want it

  2. I hope Joseline aint about to bcome somebodys sacrifice cuz she been on urban news all week all high up

  3. The story goes that José attempted to sucker punch Tammy. When Deb and Bambi saw José, they intervened and boo bopped José. Tammy posted a selfie on Twitter and suggested José do the same. Another fight allegedly broke out between Althea and José after José allegedly came for Althea. Word is that Althea allegedly got the best of José.

    Then, José allegedly attacked Mimi and beat the living daylights out of Mimi. It was stated today that Mimi had to be hospitalized. Apparently, no one had Mimi’s back. Smh

    • Thats phucked up Steebie held MiMi down while Jose attacked her. MiMi need to stay far away from those 2 demons. (Including Nikko)

  4. I predict Mona Scott Young will be receiving her first Peabody Award for this production.

    Excellence in Rachet Ghetto Realness

    Brava Mona!

    • But Joseline will fight, I will give her props. She is a survivor unlike Thi Thi, Karlie, and Tammy

    • Everyone liked Joseline because Joseline was relatable. She kept it real and always had jokes.

      Then the tea spilled & it came out shes a pro, an addict, sleeps around, kissing goats, and starts stuff she can’t finish (reunion brawl)

      Not really someone Id kick it with once the truth came out.

  5. And this is the sick crap they put on TV why did they let that man hit Mimi that’s not a fair fight this crap needs to be put off air.

  6. Joseline is just salty she got booed off the stage in Dallas and also cuz those dudes leaked the tape of her in the studio high

  7. I dont believe it til I see it cause they edit out stuff they dont to show an they just tryin hype up everybody to tune in for the reunion show now watch when it comes on half of the stuff they talkin bout they wont show

  8. Just like new york reunion they said erica got beat up by that bald headed girl witch she didnt all hype an they dont show it anyway justlike mimi said dont believe everything u hear

  9. The illuminati doesn’t want her. They wouldn’t let her take their trash out. But I know you posted that comment in jest.

  10. @Negrican u right noone believes mimi I just cant wit mimi nomore she is beyond pitiful I use to feel sorry for her but she is so sad have a stadium full of seats

    • You know, maybe if Mimi would have been honest and said “hey guys I wanna do porn with Nikko “, maybe ppl would have been more open to her doing it.

      But she didn’t. She lied and snuck around about it. So shes branded a liar now. Liar and porn star

      • evil deeds are rewarded more than good ones.

        nobody forced mimi to do it unless she was secretly under orders.

        • Mimi wasnt forced but i heard Mona Scott coerced and told her if she wanted to stay on the show she better step up to the plate

      • Willie, I’ve been reading your comments for a few weeks now and you are the most sensible person here. You have a good head on your shoulders.

  11. MONA & the jhews @ VIACOM should be arrested for CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY, locked up & throw away the damn key..She is telling them to fight, yes she IS & offering incentive to fight…ask Joseline

  12. Mimi still gonna be that dumb bitch even after Joseline tried to knock some sense into that big azz head of hers. My friend works at Vh1 and was working the show so I will get the real dirty details.

    • So MiMi needed to be physically assaulted by the man Jose to “get some sense knocked into her”
      Black people we got to do better. Smh

    • That’s the next thing.. a cast member will die or be killed.
      We’ve had suicide, abortion, club and street fights, domestic abuse (Mimi biting Steebie), sex tapes, drug use (Scrappy and his drug test), and a shooting..
      Its the next logical headline grabber.

  13. this is what white people like to seem bunch of black people fight for nothing!!!!!

  14. This photo collage makes me wanna grab my purse, pistol and purrell sanitizer all at once.

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