Jay Electronica Comes Back Clean, Sober & Stronger Than Ever:


‘We will crush all of the cornballs and posers in the music industry!’

Jay Electronica has revealed drugging as the reason behind what derailed him from his game ‘over the past years’… delaying his long-awaited solo album debut. The real Roc Nation one has broken down the life-changing events that led him to become more focused in than ever before.”

“I backslid for awhile. I got into drugging and drinking and smoking. But now I’m back reformed, all praises due to Allah. I just wanted to come out today — clean, sober and with my family, taking control of my life and taking control of the game.”


Here is what’s out there:

“Despite the growing speculation, Jay Elect denied his delayed debut would arrive on July 12 earlier this year. In an album discussion thread on the hip-hop forum KanyeToThe, Jay surprised fans and answered some Q’s about the highly anticipated work. After one fan asked if the album was coming on July 12, after the Roc Nation rapper posted a cryptic tweet that was later deleted and apparently read, “ps, we are going to try and burst the heavens open on July 12th”, he replied, “No sir.. but i promise you its coming this year and I’m about to heat the game up and charge the particles so high..”



  1. Even sinners have souls too! Its never to late to make right out of wrong, and take a stand for yourself, also taking a stand against your enemies. Knowing their tactics is the the best way to come out on top, being in the dark can hurt your sight or leave you blinded.

  2. As long as this man is phucking with Jay z and that Rothchild woman I will see him 4 what he is
    A sell out

    • Oh he f*cking with the devil’s daughter….then f*ck him. I have no respect for nothing he got to say.

    • This!!! I’m not here for anyone the NOI promotes because they promote more fraudulent niggas than the devils in entertainment. Gay Electronica, Gay-Z and Kangay West are all sellouts.

      And please don’t get me started on Umar Johnson and his YouTube f*ckery. He is promoting what Noble Dru Ali already did and couldn’t finish executing because of his untimely death. Niggas love drinking the Kool-Aid, though, so sip on.

      • Lol Umar the PhD, black male leadership, family building and his rachet baby mama situation. Coloured men are an enigma to me.

        • I didn’t know about his ratchet baby mama situation, but I know he has a problem keeping his dick in his pants.

    • Its not one person in the industry who hasnt took some kind of oath, its jus some has more morals than the next and rather leave the industry b4 they sell all the way out. Where was all u righteous ppl when he and Benzino fought to get eminem out the game, prolly buying his cd. Talkin all that Rothchild devil shit but read the bible, pledge the flag, banking, voting everything that happens in these United States of America damn near comes from the hands of the Rothchilds Rockefellers Jp. Morgans etc etc. How come everytime a black man wanna change other blacks pullm down, I guess its the crab effect. What about all you blackmen leaving black women for the fattest nastiest hoeish manipulative white woman yal can find and walk all proud, at least he went for the highest not the lowest. I dont support non of these rappers and their belittling of black culture, but in the same note thats why there isnt any black culture we cant support each other but defend whites.

  3. Because the tru nation of islam brothers and sisters do not mess with that devil worship music

      • Lol ! I dont really know about that because I think Farrakhan is affiliated with scientology now

          • L. Ron Hubbard was a science fiction author. These so-called theologians/religious leaders are out here basically worshipping and promoting the work of the devil, all while quoting the Qur’an, the Bible and the Torah.

            Farrakhan is anti-Joo but will promote a kosher diet in a heartbeat. Christians are lost, but he is always quoting the Bible. The man is a walking contradiction and his flock is lost.

  4. Hes being doing this bs for 5 + years now. The album gets delayed and then he posts pseudo deep tweets during a drunken rage and later retracts and deletes them. Oldhead and old news. More excited about Logic and hope def jam doesnt muck his music like aftermath did kdot.

  5. That demonic bitch he f*cking with is his handler and she got him under a spell and drugs so he is easier to control. That bitch knows the germ of a revolutionary is in him and was sent to keep it dormant. This nigga is done so all his fans can stick a fork in it.

    • It’s a bit implausible to think that the Rothchild’s would appoint their own child to hook up and mate with a revolutionary manque in order to quell the seeds of revolution.

      Now if it were Kim K I might halfway believe it.

      • The Rothschilds didn’t appoint Kate to f*ck Jay Electronica. Her vagina appointed her to do that. She assumed his dick is as thick as his lips and she climbed on top to make it twerk. The problem is, she was married to an heir of a billionaire family who I’m sure her family approved of. To boot, she has 3 kids with her ex-husband, if I recall correctly. The Rothschilds don’t want his Black ass anywhere near their “virginal” Kate.

        • Yeah i heard about that. Her husband was extremely hurt when he found out. I heard he smacked her

        • The Goldsmiths could buy Kate’s branch of the Rothschilds.
          Like many large family fortunes, there are rich and super rich in the family tree. Not all of the family is in the category of Baron Guy de Rothschild. I know a duPont or two(I’m from Wilmington, DE) who are from a less fortunate branch of that clan.
          But the Goldsmiths are ridiculously rich. Their fortunate was an amalgamation of Patino (tin mining in Brazil) money combined with Goldsmith banking moolah. The cuckolded husband of Kate can relate to her hitching up with an “undesirable” mate since his own sister scandalized the family by marrying a Pakistani cricket player and converting to Islam. And then she left him and took up with Hugh Grant and has since moved on to Russell Brand.
          Her name is Jemima, so Kate and Jay’s future mixed child would call her, get ready, Aunt Jemima. You couldn’t make that shit up.

          • Thank you for enlightening the forum!

            I was reading my most recent issue of Forbes a few days ago. It highlights America’s richest families. Suffice to say, the Rockefellers are reportedly worth a COLLECTIVE $10 billion. With that collective net worth, how do these people rule a thing? The Waltons are worth a collective $152 billion. The Waltons are never mentioned as part of the ruling class, but with that collective net worth, people should focus more attention on the Waltons and the 22 other families with nets worth that exceed the Rockefellers.

            That disparity in wealth leads me to believe that the families that aren’t mentioned [and truly have a collective net worth that exceeds that of the top 2 wealthiest individuals in the world] are the true top tier of the “illuminati.” We know the Waltons are modern-day slave owners/slave drivers. We know that a substantial amount of WalMart’s work force is on “welfare.” We know that many mom & pop businesses are forced out of business when WalMart appears in neighborhoods where corporate retailers are few and far between. The Waltons, IMO, are worse than the reported 5 families of the ruling class. The Rockefellers and Rothschilds may have old money, but they can’t financially match what the Walton family has. We know what wealth represents in this life. Stay woke (sic).

  6. Jay Elect my New Orleans brother praising a fake deity name Allah won’t get you anywhere in life nor the Music Industry.If you’re looking for handouts from the Shadow government you’re praising the wrong deity. Ask Oprah and Obama about Lucifer.

  7. Why are blackmen still bowing down to a bunch of slave barons that play in the sand. Islam started the enslavement of our people, blackmen have been lied to…Real Talk!

  8. muddahphucker lefts his sexy chocolate queen for a mousy looking broad. black men must do better!!
    jay also ruined a marriage not good jay have you heard of karma??!!

  9. Let’s Talk About The Black Men Logically And Intelligently…

    Sadly Most Hollywood Black Men Will Date/Marry White Women Is Been Proving It’s Been Happening Since The 90’s… Black People Most Do Better
    Stop Relaying On White People. We Ain’t In The Same League As White People And We Won’t Ever Be… Marrying A White People
    Won’t Solve Nothing You Won’t Be Accepted In To The White Community

    • That is patently false. In the middle and upper middle classes, white people are now very accepting and open to all levels of socialization with black people of their same class.

      As is the case in so many things, poverty and failure to succeed is the real bane of the average black person’s life. But if you are fortunate enough to be in the 20% who have “made it” out of the hell which has dominated the past 400 years, you would be amazed at how different things look through the prism of affluence.

  10. Its sad how the white man has tricked us into turning on each other no matter what.

    • Please do not give the white man that power. We do what we do because we choose to do it.
      The time has come for personal accountability good and bad.

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