Eddie Murphy’s Camp: Paige Butcher is NOT Pregnant!


This just in…. A rep for Eddie Murphy has denied a recent tabloid report suggesting he is set to become a father for the ninth time. Murphy’s spokesman has shot down the story, saying the report is “not true”.

This news comes shortly after this word went live:

“Sources tell Star magazine the Shrek star’s girlfriend, 35-year-old model Paige Butcher, is pregnant with the couple’s first child and, according to an insider, the pair is planning to wed before the tot is born.

The insider says, “She (Butcher) made it clear that she wants to be married before having their baby, so they’re hashing out a prenup before announcing anything.”

Here is what’s out there:

“Murphy, 53, has five children with his first wife Nicole, while he also has a son by each of his exes Tamara Hood and Paulette McNeely, in addition to a daughter, named Angel, with former Spice Girls singer Melanie Brown. The actor has been dating blonde beauty Butcher since 2012.”


  1. Why do A lot of these closeted types think that making babies all over the place makes them strait???. And watch, the Blondie won’t have to chase him down for child support like scarey spice had to. As long ad the baby mama is light enough seems like they don’t mind paying child support .

  2. For him to be gay he seems to get aroused by a heck of alotof women with all these beard babies peppered about. Maybe he is bi? I mean Antoine Dodson only has one child.

  3. When did you impregnate Paige and how? Turkey baster? Male Real Doll with ejaculatory capabilities? Did you just spit in her hole after you sucked your man off? Share with the forum. Enquiring minds wanna know.

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  8. Funny how Eddie and his family all look alike but none of Eddie’s kids look like him Check out his kids with Nicole. None of the look like Eddie. Hollywood celeb men will take a man and transform him into a women. Then when we see them they look like female models. Fags and booty hole snatchers!

  9. I’m sure all that happens in Hollywood, but Nicole is not a man. She’s a natural-born woman who used to be a little girl and just has interesting features. Eddie needs to get himself fixed instead of siring more kids. He’s made his contribution to society.

  10. But his camp ain’t gonna address those trans allegations tho? But that ain’t none of our business…

  11. When is Johnny Gill going to have Eddie’s baby? That is what I would like to know!

  12. Remember an old poster name “I know those niggas”
    who spilled the tea on Ediie in an old hsk post
    That shyt was hilarius

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