Apollo Ordered To Payback $1.9M In Restitution


It’s Payback Time for the victims at the center of Apollo Nida’s exposed fraud ring! Recent reports reveal… an ATL judge has ordered the fallen reality star to reimburse the fraudster funds back to those who he scammed.

Now… not only is Apollo about to lose eight-years of freedom, he’s also forced to come up with $1.9M.

“It has been reported the Nidas’ just lost their house due to failure to pay taxes.”

Here’s break down, according to court docs:

– JP Morgan Chase $828,300
– IRS $127,011
– Delta Airlines $24,985
– State of California $15,778
– State of Connecticut $45,525
– State of Texas $39,275


  1. People will really fix their lips and keypads to ask others to pray for Apollo for a lenient sentence when Apollo defrauded 50 individuals/entities and he is responsible for many other people’s incarceration.

    Phaedra knew what she was doing when she procreated with and married that clown. I don’t feel sorry for her. My prayers go out to his victims. May they receive justice for the wrongs committed against them, and may he be made to pay every penny of that restitution, plus interest.

    • Some women will always fall for the rebel. The excitement they get from being with such men is not worth the pain on the backend. Phaedra got 2 seeds out of him, that’s what she wanted. Brothas gotta realize that crime is a trap. We can’t fool a group of men that took over entire continents…The Real!

        • @ENT GOON

          The sad part about this bs, is that, it’s not necessary. We break bread, stop the hate/killing, love our women…We Can’t Lose!!!

  2. *In a Phaedra voice* Tsk…tsk. Something in the buttermilk just ain’t clean!

    • lol you forgot to start with….”Chile”

      (in Phaedra voice) Chile, Something in the buttermilk just aint clean

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  4. She got the funds. She is making a lot of money with her businesses. She is really standing by her man! They must be alright because they both appeared at Kandi’s wedding in April 2014

    • Yea but he was just on the radio today saying it might be over, and he still upset she didn’t even come to his court. It’s on rhymes with snitch.

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  6. Yeah, but Apollo isn’t no punk; them fags going to get served trying to rape him! Kick they A** Apollo!

    • He cant beat them all (God forbid) If they jump him or hold him down
      Im not a fan but i hope stay safe

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