University of Missouri Revokes Cosby’s Honorary Degree

bill cosby university of missouri honorary degree

Just days after his sexual assault case was declared a mistrial, Bill Cosby’s honorary degree from the University of Missouri has been revoked.

The university joins other colleges who have severed ties with the comedian following the sexual assault allegations.

The university’s board voted unanimously to revoke the degree they gave him back in 1999. They cited the allegations from several women who came forward with claims that they had been sexually assaulted by him.

The university says Cosby’s alleged actions don’t reflect their values.

Did they do the right thing?


  1. I have an idea, all black students and student athletes boycott the University of Missouri. Better yet, all black high school students should only attend historically black colleges and universities. #RecycleBlackDollars.

    • Most black parents and old black people say things like, “You can’t get a good job if you go to the black schools.” We can not listen to these old black people. Time and time again it has been proven that integration doesn’t work. If you’re black and you are truly committed to recycling black dollars, you must send your children to HBCU’s.

      • Hbcu’s anseer to the zionist at the top. Pay attention to news cause the black boules were begging Trump to give funding for i dunno if u wanna send ur kids to the place where they gotta beg the alleged white racist nazi Trump for welfare 4 the school. Anywah u wont succeed @ a hbcu unless u pledge….nothing is as it seem.

    • fuck these White schools, notice cracka’s are the only once showing sympathy to a bunch of hoes that have been caught on their own lies!!!! Hollywood is full of hoes trynna get a come up and these hoes were caught on many lies including that lying piece of shiiit bitch that told her friend that she will lie in order to get some money from him… AMAZING WHITE NEANDERTHAL CAVE PEOPLE WILL SIDE WITH THESE BITCHES EVEN WHEN THEY HAVE NO EVIDENCE BUT LET IT BE THE OTHER WAY AROUND AND THEY’LL BE CRYING WERE’S THE EVIDENCE? Hypocrisy of race in America!!! fuck outta here, Cosby should of told them to keep their honorary degree and shove it up their WHITE PALE SKIN ASSES!!!

    • They have given the money back. Spelman sis as well. Research before condemnation.

  2. Education sure isn’t at the top of the list when they do this. My question is WHY all these universities were awarding this comedian honorary degrees. Oh that’s right – they would get money from him after they awarded him. Bastards. Did BC get pimped?

    • They weren’t saying shiit when he was giving them money n shiit, bunch of Hypocrite mother fuckers, Cosby should of been like fuck you, and took his money to only HBCU schools only, they need them the most!!!!

  3. He’s had honorary degrees from other schools to which he gave money. IMO, honorary degrees should not be given out to anyone. It cheapens the paper so many have worked so hard on to get their doctorates. Years of study and research. I don’t care who the celebrity is. Why is Kanye getting a doctorate when he didn’t even finish college. That goes for all of them. Mark Zuckerberg gives money to Harvard and they give him a doctorate in Law. Screw that.

  4. No honorary degrees. I agree. If a person didn’t jump through that school’s hoops, they don’t deserve any recognition. Let their businesses award them something.

    • Colleges and universities, black and mixed, give honorary degrees for one reason.

      Prestige which leads to greater endowments. Most of those who receive the honorary degrees do not donate large sums. Do you think Bill Clinton donated a bunch of money?

      But it looks good on the school’s record to have prestigious recipients of honorarium.

  5. White folks just put a man in the WHITE HOUSE that admitted on tape to “grabbing them by the pussy”…YET they want to tar and feather Bill Cosby because of ACCUSATIONS from lying ass casting couch hoes. SMDH

    • Admitting to grabbing pussy is NOT the same as ADMITTING ON TAPE to drugging women to have sex with them, DUMBASS!

  6. White supremacy how else can trump get away with sexual assault while bill goes to trial at least bill didn’t try to put drugs in boys drinks a step up from Michael Jackson

    These women knew the deal you go to a hotel room after a man wine and dibe you yeah he wants sex they knew this

    And fuck these white owned so called black colleges and the black boule or shall I say black servants of baal

    • Please shut up…admitting to drugging women is NOT just having sex with them. It is rape asshole.

  7. They Cant kill your Dreams
    So the Assasinate your character!

    ~Warren Buffet~

    Remember the alligations (fake news) started when Mr Cosby was in talks of Buying CBS network
    Which are owned and run by the bankers (Jews)

    “You control the media”
    “You control the masses”

    Look deeper people!

    • This IS NOT FAKE NEWS!!!!

      This MF admitted ON TAPE in a deposition to GIVING DRUGS to women to have sex with them….they let his TRUTH finally come all the way out because of the NBC thing, but he is still is a POS rapist.

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