Kim Kardashian Invites Racist Makeup Artist to Beauty Event

kim kardashian jeffree star

Kim Kardashian opened up her Bel-Air home to a bunch of Instagram and YouTube makeup artists, including one named Jeffree Star who has a history of being racist.

Peep the video:

Kim even thanked Jeffree for attending the event on her Instagram page. Click through the pics to see the rest of the attendees:

The day before the event, Jeffree tried to do damage control by releasing a public apology.

Does Kim deserve to be dragged?


  1. Every time this ugly white bitch sneezes it gets covered by mainstream media. When Kim K wore blackface, mainstream media was completely silent. was the only web site that reported Kim K wearing blackface. This is proof that most of the white owned/controlled urban websites are cashing checks from either Kris Jenner or Ryan Seacrest.

  2. I don’t know who this person is but that was more of an explanation for his behavior and not really an apology per se. If my life was so screwed up because people did not accept me, why take it out on a specific group of people. You have to have some inherent feelings about that group to begin with to behave in a certain way. An apology is saying I’m truly sorry my behavior, actions, etc. were offensive, etc. But this sounded more like my life was so screwed up I behave this or that way. Nothing directed at the people he offended as regrets.
    By now the world should know that family discovered a weakness in black culture and they have been exploiting it ever since. Rich black men who prefer white women. Access to other rich folks thru these men (stating with O.J.) due to their professions. The rest is history.

  3. F an apology. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the K Klan woke up black and found out what racism really is! They still on that old train that says sleep with a black guy and racism is solved. BS!! When is their story up? Oh, never? smh

  4. Why the hell is so called black media so obsessed with Kim that bitch doesn’t give a damn about black people hell she doesn’t even consider her kids part black as she calls north her Armenian princess. She doesn’t even have not one black makeup artist at her event . As for jefree star i use to like him I would buy a product of his every week. His lipsticks and highlighters are amazing but after I found that video of him making fun of black women I was done with his bony Casper looking ass. Why did it take him so long to make a apology and it just so happens the next couple of days he’s up chillin with Kim and I don’t even get that because he dissed Kylie’s lipsticks not to look ago. Jeffree is a asshole and he’s only sorry because he got called out on his racism.

    • Two things:

      1. They’re showing off their collagen fillers
      2. They’re advertising their “head doctor” services

    • The pose is done for pictures, selfies, etc. They do this to appear sexy, alluring, come hither look, or at you baby, screw yourself, kiss kiss. Oh i’t picture time, followed by duck face. When the K’s do it, it’s more like a ha ha at people, look at me I’ve made it and and have lots of money and you don’t, you are poor and envy me, you wanna be me. You can’t do that with thin lips, so lip enhancements. Ironically they don’t realize how utterly stupid they look.

    • Idk but the way they do that makeup mixed with that face, they look stupid as hell.

  5. Who’s this dude anyway? A white privileged American being a racist ? What a suprise ….

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