Beyonce & Jay Z Name Their Twins…

beyonce jay z twins names

Now that Beyonce and Jay-Z’s twins have reportedly left the hospital, the babies’ names have been revealed.

According to sources, they have named their son Shawn (after Jay-Z), and their daughter will be called Bea, after Beyonce’s nickname.

Considering the source, you might want to sip this tea slowly.

But if it’s true, welcome to the world Shawn Jr. and Bea!


  1. These two do nothing to help the black community, they just take away money and leave..

  2. Triflin fame whores, yes please go away hoe & take ur wife with you. Doesnt matter what u name those kids they will all look like jay z anyway so bye felicia

    • They won’t really reveal why they named their children that. Remember Mitte Rollins, who said Beyonce was stalking her? Who else who Beyonce stalking and hurting?

  3. So the world was making a big deal about the twins that are supposed to save all humanity? And their names are Shawn and Bea? And here I was expecting something like little Cucumber Water and his sister, Sparkling Iceburg. So disappointed. LOOL!

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