NeNe Leakes Fires Back at Porsha Williams

Porsha Williams shaded NeNe Leakes on Dish Nation yesterday, over her excitement about returning to The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

On cue, NeNe has taken to social media to respond to Porsha.

“We like to keep’em talking Nites at the Leakes”


  1. Yess Nene they ARE bothered. Get in they ass Nene i will be watching to see u if gona be dragging Kenya up & down those 19 episodes on bravo.

  2. The owners of Bravo is who gets rich. Meanwhile both these broads are out hustling these streets for gigs so they can pay those mortgages. And there are no power couples in the mix.

  3. That racist white man Andy Cohen is making millions off of these stupid old bitches. In more important news, Seattle cops shot and killed a pregnant black woman; I’m not making this up.

    • I know this is about the HW franchises. I expect no less from that wonkie eyed Andy Cohen. But, don’t forget those puppeteers Mona and Shaunie. They are making fools out of their own people. They remind me of the Africans that sold their own people into slavery.

      • I don’t think any of the execs you mentioned are making fools of black folks. Reality TV generally follows a certain formula. White folks on reality shows do the same things. Furthermore, let’s not forget how many black people watch these shows (willingly). Bravo has the show show about the Tankards (doesn’t do as well as RHOA). VH1 has TI & his family (is it as big as LHH? IDK). Point is there is a variety, and black viewers can CHOOSE what type of black reality they want to see on these stations. Can’t blame the execs when the viewers consistently make trashy behavior their main choice.

    • NBA You might want to look a little deeper into that story about the pregnant women. She has a long history of untreated mental illness. Like that chick in Baltimore a few years ago who was killed in front of her child.

      It’s tragic, but when someone who’s crazy is threatening cops and refusing to cooperate in any way, there’s going to be trouble. What I want to know is how could her family allow a deeply mentally ill young woman get pregnant for the 5th time in 5 years? They bear some of the responsibility too.

  4. Nene really wants white skin to match her pointy surgically cut nose.
    I can’t with black people.

  5. I want to make this very clear. If you are a black woman and the only thing you have done are reality tv shows, music videos or game shows, you are not a celebrity. Nene Leakes, Amber Rose, Claudia Jordan Kenya Moore and Joseline Hernandez are not celebrities. Those bitches are stupid, desperate hookers who couldn’t make it in black hollywood, aka the chitlin circuit.

  6. Keenya has movie credits and a first black USA pageant title. HWood dumped her though.

  7. This shit is getting tired and played out… and all these hoes starting to look like cartoons to me. Get these Body By Fisher,Brains By Mattel, Tupperware in the grill, maybelline blasphemin asses the fuck back to Z list. A decade of this shit is plenty… This shit ain’t beer. Ain’t no aged brewed Catty Plastic Papered Up Hoodrat shit needed for 100 years. Cancel these hoes and rebuild.

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