Porsha Shades NeNe’s Return to RHOA, NeNe Responds

porsha shades nene leakes

Season 10 of RHOA hasn’t even aired yet and the stars are already beefin’!

On an episode of Dish Nation, Porsha was asked about NeNe Leake’s return to the program. Peep the video to see what she had to say.


NeNe clapped back with this picture dressed in lingerie. The caption reads, “We like to keep ’em talking.”


Are you excited to see NeNe drag Porsha by her lacefront in Season 10?


  1. People like Nene is the reason I can’t stomach these shows anymore. These ppl can’t find another way to make money? Are they really this desperate for money, too ruin they lives on national tv? Peple like Tami and Nene make my stomach hurt trying to watch them, I just have to turn it off.

    • You are so right about Nene and Tami. I just wanna punch both of them in the face because they think they can’t get it.

  2. No one would know ANY of these bitches if it weren’t for these ratchet ass shows.

    Can’t wait for all these retched shows to be cancelled.

    Time to put the BS aside and start creating content that uplifts our community!

  3. Porsha face had me dyin in that clip..like just when you think u aint have to deal with lanethia ghetto big bodied bitch ass nomore, she show right back up & that queen screaming & carrying on is doing.wayyy.too.murch.

  4. When will the phuckery end with these reality shows and the publicity that only humiliates!

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