Digital Underground’s Shock G Arrested on Drug Charges

shock g arrested

Digital Underground’s Shock G, the one who put the satin on your panties, was arrested in Wisconsin on drug charges.

The group’s frontman was pulled over in the city of Rice Lake after cops ran the license plate and found it was listed to an unlicensed drive. The owner of the car was in the passenger seat and Shock was behind the wheel.

When cops searched the vehicle, they found drug paraphernalia and booked 53-year-old Shock G for possession. He was released on $100 bail.


  1. Yeah, still cute, but he needs to drop the drug look. What drug paraphernalia was involved?

  2. George Clinton is saying that’s my boy right now go on maggot brain kind if funny this all going g down after the PAC movie shock been doing drugs since the du days all those personalities he used to come up with he truly copied the p funk formula

  3. Yep he still fine ass hell! Bailed out on $100!? What The Fuck!? What did he have a joint? They full of shit! They should never have arrested him! Damn! What a waste of tax people’s money ? He look good for 53 though! ??

  4. He is so cute!! I loved him back in th DU days, but I kind of forgot about him.

    So what he do drugs. It wasn’t like he was selling them. Live and let live.

  5. Lol. I don’t know I thought this man was married with kids, house and some dogs. Now this an old man I would date, if he could drop the weed habit. He probably always in trouble and they probably just got the spot light on him because the movie came out. I did not watch the movie so don’t know what part he played. Don’t look like Pac real ppl co signed so I won’t be watching that unless on fire stick like 50 said.

    • Even in typing you with no picture at all, you can always tell when your talking to a fat black azz bald headed woman. Lol ?

  6. It always seems as if they don’t really sound sure Pac actually died. They keep saying he went where he wanted to be! I’ve never heard anyone say that, maybe they say to a better place but where he wanted to be.

  7. Do we see mug shots over and over of YT like this? No, because it’s a way to shame and embarass.

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