Terrence Howard Forced to Pay Ex-Wife Millions In Spousal Support

terrence howard michelle ghent spousal support

An appeals court just reinstated Terrence Howard’s divorce judgment involving his second wife, Michelle Ghent.

The court found Terrence was coerced to sign the initial settlement, so Michelle is able to cash out on the actor’s earnings from Empire.

The initial ruling was tossed out in 2015 when Terrence said he was “under duress” when he agreed to pay Michelle spousal support.

He’s now back on the hook and forced to pay $5,800 a month and as much as $4 million a year, depending on his earnings from “Empire.”


  1. Well they should marry the woman they really love and stop whistling pls time. So he need to pay all of them

    • Oh well, no one told that fool to marry her…or even worse sign that dumb agreement.

      We all already knew he had a two incher, so that i signed under distress BS was just that.

    • Do you see these white women grow old with the fool. Look at Larsa. She ain’t growing into a senior with Scottie. She’s not rocking a chair with him.

      • Well look at Chris and Doc Rivers. They been together for nearly 40 years. And Sidney Poitier and Harry Belafonte. There’s a lot of them who have long marriages. It’s mostly the basketball and football players who marry gold diggers who don’t last.
        But then there’s Mychal Thompson and his wife who are the parents of Klay Thompson.
        They been married for 30 years. And Lonzo Ball’s parents have been together since college.
        Probably more like a 50/50 thing. The heart wants what it wants as they say.

        • So 90% failed marriages and 10% successes constitute REAL SUCCESS to you?

          Only a fool would take those odds.

        • Specifically about the high profile marriages we know of, they seem to be for the moment and while the guy is active in the league, then the woman leaves when he and they are no longer in the limelight. She is no longer sitting front court. The woman wants to go for the ride and since he’s no longer a running horse, they get off.

  2. This is the kind of thing that would make me get out of the business and get a regular job. Get paid $60K a year and let’s see her collect that amount on that. I would retire just to spite her. I heard of a guy who retired from the military service before the 20 year mark because his ex-wife was making plans to collect on 50% of that. He retired before 20 years. He got nothing and so did she. This is how you deal with predators when the law doesn’t protect you.

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  4. He is on his way to being a has been once Empire ends. Multiple marriages is the best way to lose riches. There won’t be much if any left for his retirement or college funds.

  5. I always thought Taraji was perfect for him. If he hits women he is not perfect for anyone. He grew up witnessing violence as his dad murdered a man right in front of him in the Santa Claus line. I guess that is his preference, marrying non-black women. I think the only black woman that he would marry is Taraji but she is a real lady and is not going to put up with foolishness. Many men marry non-black women because it is easy for them to get away with wrong doings. I wish Terrence the best and hopefully have learned from this, you need to be with an equal yoke. That woman meant him no good and he will pay her more money with no children than the women who actually have born his children. He must keep his chin up and hopefully, this relationship will work because he has young children. Don’t bash him, pray for him because he is definitely going to need it. You are right though as they sometimes think they have someone better, the queen is right by their side.

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