Former LHHH Star Calls Out BET for Homophobia

milan christopher bet homophobic

Former Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star Milan Christopher is calling out BET for being homophobic.

The reality star, who openly dated his LHHH co-star Miles Brock, says other networks have fully embraced him, but BET has never invited him to any of his awards shows.

Oh yeah. Even with the producers and the directors and just everything. I mean, I was on Love and Hip Hop, I had my own Out in Hip Hop television show, I was on the cover of the New York Times, the cover of LA Times twice, on Wendy Williams, Ellen, you know, everywhere. And you know the Hip Hop Awards, the BET Awards didn’t even invite me to do anything. It’s like, this is the first time this has ever happened in the history of hip hop music and you didn’t make a place for me because I’m gay? I felt very disrespected by that.

What do you think? Is BET wrong for not inviting him?


    • Yes. It IS an agenda. That is why I do not support these f@gs. They ‘go gay for pay’ mostly. When you enter the industry, you can only sign your deal after you have gay sex so … Yeah, they are turned out and then they expect us all to be overjoyed for them.

      • Obama made being gay a socially acceptable option for black boys by making gay marriage LEGAL.

        It is part of his genocide plan to take down the black community thru violence, low birth rates, HIV, abortion, unemployment, no education and homosexuality (gays dont re-produce).

        By 2025, when the baby boomers die off, the black community’s numbers will be cut in half and we will have no political clout, living in 3rd world poverty. All done by black uncle toms and their massahs.

        • It is a form of ethnic cleansing. Phuck Obummer. He only cared about trans peoples’ rights. I guess his wife is of that community so it makes sense. Michael OBummer.

  1. This guy is just another reality “star” whose ego got waaaaay bigger than whatever show he was on. BET gave Jussie Smollet a multiple song set at the 2015 awards, and he’s as openly light in the loafers as they come.

    • True.

      He is just stirring shit and trying to drum up publicity for his dong shots, no one who is not into those shows knows who he is…btw I am not impressed I’ve seen bigger & better.

  2. Eliminating racism is more important than gay rights. That motorcycle photo may come back to haunt him one day. I wanna know if it was his idea to pose like that or was it some photographer that had a motivation because they are not of color. Just wondering.

    • To you because you’re not gay. I’m not gay either but I understand what is like to be mistreated because you love different than others.

        • Lol. The bowel does not self-lubricate so as much as they say it is normal, it clearly isn’t.

  3. A phobia means you scared. Aint nobody scared. There are many other verbs though.

    • Look it up in the dictionary. It also means “a strong dislike or hatred.” And it’s not a verb.

      • Phobia = a persistent, irrational fear of a specific object, activity, or situation that leads to a compelling desire to avoid it.

        They needed to find a term to describe and tack onto people who hate or disapprove of homosexuality so they came up with homophobia. It is a relatively new term in the dictionary which did not exist before. It was intended to help gays achieve a recognized minority status for gays. The term is wielded to achieve political gains and bust opposition to gay rights agenda. They included hatred and dislike to politicize against those that don’t agree, approve, or tolerate it and to define those people that don’t agree with homosexuality as fearful, irrationality, wrong, illogical, abnormal, etc. If they could throw racist in there they would have. Many people argue that feeling disgust for a sexual act is more about aversion than fear itself so there is no phobia per se.

        Another term would be more appropriate than the one being used that might include hate, discrimination, biases, etc on that group.

        • Homoaggression perhaps? It’s actually not just the gays; Islamophobia is a thing too. I think the logic is that bigotry/biases are rooted in fear of some sort, whether physical or emotional. You have to also keep in mind the definition of fear:

          An unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat.

  4. To all Gay people!!!!! We may laugh at you, with you, work with you, talk to you but deep down inside most of us do not like you!!!! We don’t want to see that stupid shyt on tv. Men kissing and stuff, Good I hope all the channels band this crap

    • 100%

      We have not evolved as humans to become homosexual. Stop letting gay joos tell you what to do with your organ.

  5. Gay people, go figure out why y’all are interested in the same sex, sonething is mentally wrong. There is no way I could ever be interested in the same sex.

  6. There is so much that is happening in the world today.
    I strongly believe the word GAY should be irrelevant. Who cares who is gay. Everyone has a right to love who ever they chose. It is there choice and LGBTQ community should be treated equal and with dignity. may be even if it is the same sex. There are straight people who loves the opposite and cant find love, respect, loyalty and happiness from there partner, because of what ever the circumstances maybe. Everyone has the right to find love and true happiness regardless if it is the same sex. Christopher Milan should of been invited to the Hip Hop BET Awards. What is the problem? Christopher Milan didn’t kill anybody right? Then he should be invited like everybody else.


      That don’t mean we hate you or, hope you die or want to slit on you, we just don’t understand the lifestyle, don’t want to, not going to and want to keep our children away from it. Start your own award show, if you want to go to an award show, get your own television channel and all the gay ppl can support and watch they own shyt, but don’t force it on us. because all it’s doing is making us hate you when we would normally not pay you any attention. But we’re never going to like you

      • calm down, girl. judging by all the comments you’ve left in this section, you seem rather BOTHERED. why are you obsessing over gays if you don’t want to be BOTHERED? you are giving it way too much. it takes too much energy to hate. and you claim to be a christian, right?

        • I am no fan of ll, but if she wants to be up and arms she can.

          Passivist like you are what is wrong with our community now.

  7. Stop tryying to force yourself on people thatt do not want to be bothered with you. Regarrdless to what you think the reason is. Stop trying to force yourself on people that do not want you around them.

    • Thank You!!!! Key phrase “Stop forcing yourself on people that do not want to be bothered with you”.

        • Used to? LOL…

          The difference is they brought us here, so for them to say that is pure idiocy…now they are forcing unnatural ways of life on us through the cycle of the system.

  8. So many celebrities are mind controlled into accepting a gay alter. This is why I am not down with the agenda. Look at how many ppl went gay only after entering the industry.

  9. That cause all those white/ Jewish executives that are married supposedly straight men are deep down inside gay. Because the only way this stuff will end up on a station is if the owner of the station is gay. No straight man will allow it. So maybe we should stop watching all these shows with gay ppl on it.

  10. So they block comments on here apparently. I been the only one on here keeping y’all little half website going because y’all post the truth. So I thought, but when I get deep y’all want to block comments. Like I said the only way gay stuff ends up on TV is the owner of the station has to be gay! And all those white/ Jews married men who own these tv stations are gay. Maybe we should stop watching these Channels that show gay stuff on it.

  11. So you can’t tell everyone that white Jws are the truth behind all this gay stuff. They own these stations, as a straight man why would you allow these kind of shows on your station?

  12. Y’all try to type the word that starts with a J and ends with a S but sounds like Jws. They will block it. That’s weird. I will never come on this board again. They are full of it too. That’s who owns Hollywood and they are all gay.i own a business in Beverlyhills and they come to my business and they are all gay, married with kids and all.

  13. All I have to say is I don’t care who don’t like my comment if u not coming to my city or my front door to check it save it but I have family who is gay an all u people who is so negative have no idea how many people in the life is gay but because people are so cruel they decide to stay in the closet an be closet freaks he has the right to feel how he feel we don’t know all the ends and out an personally it might not be bet bet for say but gay man have it harder than two females what about that woman always are embrace and this topic is as important as racism you know why cause it’s all wrong regardless how ilu look at it how about we worry about our selves and stay in our own lanes

  14. Exactly at this point it doesn’t even matter like it is what it is shit just like that gay guy Frieda known for booty bouncer are u serious I’m trying to figure out it’s cool to be flamboyant but because they still look like niggas hollering at females it’s even more wrong I’m so tired of this shit like if not for you than move the fuck on

  15. To the above comments, I have to say your writing needs some work because that was a tough read, but just because you have a gay family member does not mean these are the people we want representing us as a community.

    You can love him all you want, but did you ever bother asking him why he is gay?

    That being born gay shit is just that BULLSHIT, children are not born with a sexual orientation, they are typically influenced by the adults around them and many are abused and molested by adults or teens which shapes their sexuality.

    I can almost guarantee you something happened to your family member by some man in his life which shaped his preference for men, even if he does not admit it, because the majority of men are too ashamed to admit another man has done something to them.

    These are the things people do not want to talk about when talking about the “gay” community.

    • i think your theory needs some work. lots of holes in the logic. what’s your explanation for men that were molested as kids (by men) and went on to live heterosexual lives? how about gay men that come from two-parent households and were never molested? lots of both exist, probably by majority.

      i know a young lady that was raped by her father and all of her brothers (three) before the age of 14, which is when she ran away from home and became a prostitute and was raped repeatedly. she’s a lesbian now. i feel like her experiences with men and sex definitely play a part in her sexuality now; how could they not? especially being treated like that by men who were supposed to be trustworthy and take care of her. but i don’t think that her type of trauma is super common in the gay community. it’s not even common anywhere else, thank God.

      to be clear, i’m obviously not disagreeing with you on traumatic factors potentially playing a role in sexuality. i’m just saying that i think your theory greatly overestimates the role of childhood trauma as the sole cause.

      • Where is your research to that?

        You act like I said all…I did not but there are more than not who have had things happen to them I know it and have seen it on numerous occasions.

        Until you come with FACTS and NOT just YOUR OPINION you can miss me with your stories on what you think is going on in the world.

      • And when I say facts, I am not talking about stats.

        Skewed numbers used to fit an agenda are just that.

  16. Now that publication The Root is trying to convert us all into being gay. Or accepting it anyway. Just stop pushing this agenda on the black community.

  17. Black American men now lead the world in the percentage per capita of HIV sero-conversion.

    Clearly a LOT of you have gay family members and friends, whether you know it or not. If there isn’t a reconciliation in the black community soon(accepting gay men) then half the men and on quarter of the women are going to be HIV+ within 10 years.

    Please read more about this and open your eyes.

    • The issue is mass incarceration with over-sentencing 5, 10, 15+yrs where their white counterparts get no time or way less time for the same crime and then partaking in homo activities in prison.

      Not many men are going to be in prison for years without sex.

      • do you really think homosexuality would cease to exist without the prison system? really???

        and if they’re not gay, they would just use their hand or get “friendly” with a female CO. they can still get their nut without turning to another man. they are going for other men because they have same-sex attractions. prison time is simply the justification.

        • Who said that?

          Don’t act like there is no GAY SEX happening in prisons, that shit IS RAMPANT. It is a HUCE contributor to the new cases of DL and skyrocketing cases of HIV of men to women in the black community.

          Did you NOT read some of the other comments…there is an agenda to wipe us out if you did not know…GENOCIDE is the name of the game.

          More of you who want to stay asleep keep taking that blue pill, while those of us who know fight to change what is going on in plain sight.

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