Tyrese & His Wife Were “Born-Again Virgins” Before Getting Married

tyrese samantha lee born again virgin

Tyrese is giving more info about his life with his “black queen,” Samantha Lee.

In an interview with an NYC radio station, Tyrese explains why he and his new wife waited 60 days to get busy.

“I’ll tell you proudly, we got active and it was so much magic. We decided to go 60 days without. We decided to become born-again virgins. We’re both Christians. We went from December 14 to February 14. It was hard—I mean, challenging!”

Tyrese said it was harder for Samantha to wait than for him, and Samantha said she didn’t even trust him when she met him “because he’s Tyrese.”

How long do you think this marriage will last?


  1. I thought he was gay or bisexual at the most.. He’s not that into you wifey.. There’s nothing wrong with waiting.. I don’t believe in sleeping around at all, I just don’t believe Baby boy at all…Just my two bits..

  2. Some of these actors/singers/performers are just non-factors. They try and sound like life coaches but don’t want their lives scrutinized. Do any of them make mistakes, ever! They sure don’t talk like they do. Always sounding like they got it all together. This is why many can hardly wait for them to fall/fail!

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