Dwyane Wade to Ex-Wife: ‘If You Didn’t like $5M Settlement, You Shouldn’t Have Spent It!’

dwyane wade ex wife settlement

Dwyane Wade is fighting back after his ex-wife decided to contest her $5.125 million divorce settlement.

Siohvaughn Funches is asking a judge to find that her lawyer tricked her into signing the original deal back in 2013.

rAccording to sources, Dwyane and his lawyers are fighting back by saying if Siohvaughn wasn’t happy with the settlement, she shouldn’t have spent the money!

“Court papers filed this week say Funches gave up her right to complain when she gave away an $80,000 BMW and two homes she received in the 2013 settlement.”


  1. She is only entitled to half the money he made DURING their marriage. She doesn’t raise the kids so she gets no child support. I knew this was going to happen the moment he went back to Chicago. She has mounted to nothing but will parasite off those two kids who will have to support her with moneys they get from their dad.

  2. I think he forgot where he came from.. He was living with her family and after striking it rich, she was no longer needed. She should have taken nothing less than half of his assets.. Oh don’t worry he will get exactly what he gave.. Judgement day will be awful for him.. He reminds me of someone I knew very well..

    • So he is suppose to finance her and her family in perpetuity. He already gave them back but they mismanage the money. How is that his fault. They are just angry he moved on. He is not their money slave. And no, I don’t care much for him, so not defending.

  3. She needed a trustworthy accountant to make that 5 mill last and increase for her family and self since she is not contributing with anything else. Two houses. Some people don’t get one in a lifetime especially at a young age to raise a family in.

  4. incorrect story she is sueing her previous lawyer and the lawyer who is representing him said that not dwyane wade

  5. what she and her mother received from him they will never be able to work for that in their lifetime so yea he already paid them back for what they did for him.

  6. Dont know about it , “but 5mill, is a good amount or running start ….I hope he ties shaq with four championships…before. His NBA retirement…i was Angry he didnt kiss shaq’s royal rectum for one more in miami….peace D wade , she”ll get over it……she cant make it with $175 G’S, ayear…X 30years….Hey Ms G union wade..!!!! Keep it moving brother…..

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