Tyrese’s Bride’s Identity Revealed

tyrese married

Tyrese gives props to TMZ for spilling the true tea about his mystery bride a.k.a his “Black Queen.”



  1. Jamaican blood. Carribean women are very beautiful. So if she is part black why are sistas so pissed? Oh yeah because she isn’t dark skin…smdh

  2. Quote Dr. Boyce Watkins, “White people should not be the source of black pride.”

  3. She is stunningly beautiful. Anyone who says differently is purely jealous.

    And from the looks of things, she is cultured and has excellent taste(I am not referring to Tyrese, but to the wedding accoutrements.) I see beautiful babies in the ear future!!!

  4. independent, beautiful , educated and a good heart. Wow, Tyrese is a Smart Man and Lucky as well….. God Bless. Wish them the Best …

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