Janet Jackson Headed for Divorce?

janet jackson wissam divorce

According to sources, Janet Jackson has split from her third husband, Wissam Al Mana, just months after giving birth to their child.

“Sadly, Janet and Wissam have decided that it wasn’t working and to go their separate ways.They’re both busy people but determined to be good parents, even if they’re apart. It’s amicable and Eissa will stay with his mother, who is basing herself in London.”

A divorce settlement will be costly for Wissam who is worth almost a billion dollars.


  1. No one is mentioning parenting so tell us the real deal. This was an contracted arrangement with an end date. Time up. So what’s next.

  2. Meet rich man marry rich mab get baby by rich man get paid these women on some super paid chit

    • She wont get a dime. If Anything he has ALL her money IN HIS POCKET. In Qatar Middle East women and foreigners HAVE NO RIGHTS.

      Stupid American women learned nothing from LisaRaye, Terry McMillian, Ciara or the millions of regular American women duped by foreign b8stards looking for a pay check.

  3. Probably wanted her to convert FULL FLEG to Islam or started talking about Jihad! She probably just couldn’t handle being treated as a slave in the name of religion…can’t show skin but just your face. Noticed it was after her mother came to visit then the split. Mother Jackson probably said girl get my grand baby out of this nutty religion now!

      • after he saw that black big nosed nappy head baby, that racist said “He AINT MINE AND I WANT NOTHING TO DO WITH HIM.”

        she got what she deserved. neither bobby brown or tupac would have left an old woman alone with his boy child.

        she’ll be 70 when that kid is grown LOL

    • I don’t believe that was the case. And “Mother Jackson” can’t look at anyone else’s religion as being nutty. What about her’s? What about her lack of morals? She allowed her kids to be abused physically & sexually & money is supposed to justify that.

      • Also, didn’t “Mother Jackson” tell Janet not to marry a black man? So let’s see; her 1st husband was 1/2 black, 2nd & 3rd husband not black at all. So who’s the nutty one? And I personally don’t believe she actually gave birth to that boy. Looks like Jackson marriages don’t last.

        • Hmmm. Wasnt their a history of abuse in her childhood by Joe?
          That might be why she opted out.

      • Nutty Religion.
        And the Christians arent nutty?
        What religion thinks men marrying their BROTHERS Ex Wives, And having babies by your brothers wife is NORMAL COUSIN/Brother/Sisters . Grand Ma let that happen

    • What don’t you believe, they have officially split up. The real reason is what’s sketchy.

  4. When will the real story come out. Never. Was it differences of culture and religion, did she carry the baby or not and he’s didn’t like the story, was it Katherine’s influence. You’ll never know. She will probably get $100 millions to go away but she will have to share that baby with him like it or not. I hope with the custody agreement and if the kid goes to the Middle East to be with daddy, he can come back to mama in London or the US without fuss, especially as he gets older and it’s time to seriously get into the religion thing. Janet, you shouldn’t have.

    • You must not have ever seem the movie, “Not Without My Daughter.”

      In Arabic cultures the children are fully the franchise of the father. Period. The mother has 0 rights. Now, if she would have “given birth” teehee as if, in the USA, he would have to kidnap the baby and fly him back to Doha, Qatar.

      Well at least she can make a few hundred thousand by selling her story.

      • You are confusing JJ with some poor woman with no connections or prospects. She is not in the same boat as some unknown that doesn’t have the media vultures at her disposal. ANYway…for all we know she could have been WAMs beard and this could be an arrangement. He gets a heir and his family off his scent for a “strange lifestyle” and she gets security and recoups money lost from canceling that last tour and putting her life on hold for 5+. At this point, i don’t trust any thing anymore regarding folks in the spotlight.

    • racist arabs do not like christian black american people. THEY HATE US! Racist black negroes trying to embrace foreign haters will stop

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