Tyrese Drags His Baby Mama on Instagram!

tyrese baba mama instagram

Tyrese is back at it again! Just one day after he made a social media post begging The Rock to call him, Ty has now moved on to drag his baby mama!

Here’s what we had to say to his ex-wife and mother of his daughter:

tyrese drags baby mama

tyrese drags baby mama 2

In case you forgot, Norma claimed that Ty was physically abusive during their marriage. And he has the nerve to wonder why people won’t answer his calls LMAO!


    • Beloved, I’m with you on that….its a blueprint all of these bastards use, when they’re industry or not. Real parents put their egos on hold and place the needs of the child first. But marriage is just another trap, and a master-slave contract anyway…

  1. that Katy Perry song feels should be his theme song. Baby i know you aint scared to catch FEELS, FEELS with me

  2. Someone needs to gag his mouth with a dick, because he’s a bitch that talks to fucking much!

  3. I remember her breaking his heart and leaving him, I’m confused why he acting like he broke her heart. I remember Tyrese, she left you low and dry and then you got the married

  4. Anonymous

    U can make a “urking” sound.

    Curious to know how?

    It involves a “fireman’s helmet.” You ready?

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