Serena Williams Shares Picture of Her Baby

serena williams baby picture

Serena Williams just shared the first picture of her daughter, Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr.

She also started an Instagram account for the baby for those who want to keep up with Alexis.

serena williams baby instagram



  1. Why would she make a social media account for an infant… I hope she doesn’t turn out to be like will and jada wierd af

  2. Anonymous

    Ha ha ha.

    That baby has no choice in her life already.

    Heavy expectations will be hinged on her shoulders.

  3. Why are you fuckers so stupid not to know there are children with a black or even 2 black parents who do NOT come out black?

    Are you all that fucking stupid? Get an education…retards.

    • Listen it has nothing to do with the f****** color.clearly the f****** kid don’t look nothing like her, color or not, black or half white. That man did not birth a damn thing!

      s*** it really does take a genius huh?

      • LMAO…who the fuck said I was talking to you, dumb motherfucker?

        And Like I said if your man, I mean mom can do it, then….

    • yeah thats why the hood is over populated with white looking kids from black parents.
      It’ s not like the cosby show where cliff and claire have a WHITE looking daughter sondra, it’ s called casting or adoption…

      • You are a FUCKING IDIOT!

        NOT ALL black children are born with color DUMBASS! Especially the color they wind up being…what about that do you not understand? Don’t answer, we all can tell stupidity clouds your brain.

  4. So because she doesn’t fit your standards of beauty SHE is a man..she is beautiful she is strong and THAT is her child she is a warrior but your just a jealous low life failed blogger..

    • it has nothing to do with standards shaniqua, just observations which lead to the conclusion that mr. shamus williams is not the biological babydaddy. all u r doin is dickriding him

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