Kanye’s Breakdown Triggered by Deadly Cocktail of Drugs


According to emails between Kanye West’s legal team and attorneys for his touring insurance company, the rapper was on a deadly mixture of drugs at the time of his November breakdown.

While his lawyer admits he smoked marijuana, medical records allegedly revealed he was dabbling in some serious stuff:

“There can certainly be no doubt that statements regarding purported drug use are worthy of investigation given the information contained in Mr. West’s medical records regarding the use of 2C-B, the testimony regarding marijuana and liquid marijuana, Percocet prescriptions, prescriptions for valium and Demerol (all in someone else’s name),”

Secret footage obtained by the insurance company’s lawyers also showed Yeezy discussing “popping Percocets two at a time” and said he did it so he could ween himself “off of drugs, bad drugs.”

Four days before he was involuntarily sent for a mental evaluation, he reportedly drank “an unidentified drink” that was believed to be “drinkable marijuana.”


  1. Goodness gracious…get well bro. Cognitive dissidence is a mofo. When your private life and public life are bipolar, you sacrifice this for that, it never works. Dave Chappelle warned us about that…?

      • Whatever…now if I came down on your block and slapped the dick out of your mouth, you’d be hotter than fish grease, right? Stop it.

  2. Here they go with this bullshit this man dont do no dam drugs ! another one bites the dust and all his money go back to the white community Black Men u r stupid learn to love and enbrace ur culture and urself a Black Queen is the only one who can identify and relate to ur struggle words of the late Muhammad Ali Love and Light

  3. I don’t believe it. I think he had a mental breakdown. He’s always had mental health issues and possible not taking medications because he’s refused to acknowledge the problem. If he did drugs, they only made matters worse. It’s not uncommon. This drug narrative is being pushed by the insurance company so they don’t have to pay up. It’s doesn’t make his mental issues any less real. If Kanye wants to win this, he will need attorneys that know how to saw up that angle. A long standing mental health problems made worse by taking drugs because he didn’t know any better. He needs to use the temporary insanity defense.

  4. Kanye’s problems are of his own making. He wanted his ‘perfect bitch’ and he got her! He sacrificed his own mother for this life so I really don’t know what to think.

    • #PREACH! The wages of worshiping “Soul-sucking” neanderthal cooch, is death.

      These ignant types stand in line to walk into quicksand… They see each other being systematically taken down and dried out by the white female and they still keep place in line, walking to destruction. smh. Oh well…

  5. Black people do not belong around the white Hollywood crowd. They are so heavily into drugs and partying. Next thing you know, your so out of your mind that your a man fucking another man. Debauchery at its finest. He’d needs to go back to his roots and get grounded because he is lost!

  6. Kanye lost me when he got with Kim honestly he’s nothing but a hypocrite and that witch of a so called wife he has is going to contribute in his death.

  7. Why am I not surprised? Ms. Kanye dove head first into that sunken place pool when his mama died and dove head first again into some sunken place puddy tat (AKA Kim Kardashian’s Kooch). Let him drown.

    • “First Lady” diaper booty just did a photo shoot last month posing as Jackie O. She was attempting to channel the whole Jackie Kennedy thing in the photo shoot. It seemed clear to me that she was trying to send a loud and clear message about Kanye’s future demise.

  8. Cocaine is a hell of a drug…. This might be tmi but Years ago before this story was even thought of, before the infamous stage meltdown. I met a guy thru a friend who did some graphic design work wit ye and the substance was a topic of conversation if u know what i mean.

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