Tyga Responds to Kylie’s Baby Daddy Rumors

tyga kylie baby daddy stormi

Even though the Internet is convinced that Tyga is Kylie’s baby daddy, the rapper is finally setting the record straight about Stormi’s paternity drama.

Here’s what the “Rack City” rapper said in a tweet:

tyga kylie jenner baby daddy


  1. That baby do look like him. Kylie and that whole lardtrashian clan ain’t nothing but hoes so anyway could be that baby’s father.

    • Paternity test Kardashian style? Nope. You gotta go to family court and let an independent examiner and lab do the test. Take it out of the family hands like the K’s have done before.

  2. She is a beautiful little girl I am pretty sure that may be his daughter but knowing how Kris is she will drag this for as long as she can for their tv show just to have more viewer .

    • Either that to create Tyga v. that other dude, or he’s been paid to stay away from her. How about $15M.

  3. HE GOT PAID TO SHUT HIS BLASIAN ASS UP!! that is tyga’s daughter, i repeat stormi is tyga daughter. These hoes are unbelivable just like that amber rose hoe straight clowing and lying bout who they child father is. Travis scott is one of the dumbest nigguhs out there after Kanye and Tristan. Nigguh U DUMB! the biches gone have him paying 18 years for shit that not his smh

  4. He just mad cause she didn’t want Him as her baby daddy. LOL Stop being a bitch Tyga.

  5. Why pay two freaks bad enough he gotta pay Chyna I mean birdman owns his music we all.kbiw baby was giving out money and dick to all waynes baby mamas

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