The Internet Thinks Tyga Is Kylie’s Baby Daddy

tyga kylie stormi

After releasing a (filtered) picture of her baby Stormi, the Internet is convinced that Tyga is actually Kylie Jenner’s real baby daddy.

Although Stormi has Travis Scott’s last name (Webster), people seem to think the baby has a monolid – eyes that don’t crease at the eyelid, commonly found in those of Asian descent. In case you forget, Tyga is Vietnamese and Jamaican.

They also think Stormi is way too big to be just one month old, as Kylie claimed on March 2.

Considering how soon her relationship with Travis began right after she dumped Tyga, do you think a DNA test is in order?


  1. That is his baby. Look the skin complexion and fold in his eyes…typical east asian features.

  2. That is a beautiful baby but I wish Kylie would had waited until she was a little bit order and mature to have a baby I hope they didn’t tell her have this child for better tv ratings it’s odd that all of them had a child at the same time but she does look like him better get a paternity test why she is still a baby and don’t have to grow up confused about who her real father is.

  3. I did read a blind item on Crazy Days & Nights that said that she wasn’t sure which one was the father & that’s why TS has been pretty quiet about the baby. He wants a DNA test first. PLUS That baby is NOT a month old ?

    • She looks at least two months old. The baby was supposed to be here in early January but instead arrived early Feb. That means she carrie the baby for over 10 months.

    • Right!!! I like what Tyga and Black Chyna Enterprises has going on. Milk that Kard-ASS-ian cow! #GetThatMoney

  4. The whole mess is so old and ancient that’s why they keep bringing a newer generation into play.
    So what happens with the dynasty leader is no longer functional to lead or alive? Who takes the reins? Or will they all go their separate ways? It happens in almost ALL rich dynasty families! And all these BM with their hands out. . . hoping for a cookie.

  5. Women want kids by anyone it doesnt matter if they stay with the Mtf. Women want money and more money

  6. Uh, yeah. That’s clearly his. Travis Scott would have gave her a Puerto Rican. Tyga gave her a Filipino.

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