Rick Ross Released from Hospital

rick ross released hospital

Sources report Rick Ross is back at home after spending 4 days in the hospital. The rapper left the hospital Monday morning after spending time in ICU and being put on an ECMO machine for heart and respiratory issues.

“He had actually been in 2 hospitals … transferred from one to another due to his condition. “

Get well soon Rozay!


    • I think he overdosed as well. That’s why his Camp/Family is being so hush.

  1. Ahh Shit…..Has Anybody Checked On Fifty In The Last 12 Hours…….He Is Probably Devastated!!!

  2. Sometimes when folks drop a ton of weight it takes a bigger toll on their bodies than when they were fat, especially if they continue their bad habits!

  3. @Anon 17:55
    So True……You Are So Right……I’ve Witnessed People That Have Lost A Significant Amount Of Weight & Experienced More Severe Health Problems Than When They Were Overweight.

    Especially The Ones That Continued To Drink Alcohol & Smoke Cigarettes Heavily.

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