Stevie J Is Headed to Prison for Owing More Than $1 Million in Child Support

stevie j prison child support

Stevie J is scheduled to turn himself in on April 10 for “failure to pay child support.” The Love & Hip Hop star owes more than a million dollars in back child support!

He already plead guilty to the charges back in February 2017 and was ordered to pay the total tab of $1,304,835.86. He was also placed on 3 years of probation unless he paid off his outstanding balance sooner. Since that never happened, the court decided they had no choice but to send him to the clinker.

Stevie has 6 kids including 1-year-old Bonnie Bella with his ex, Joseline Hernandez.


  1. & He Up In The Picture Smiling With (1) Of His Children Like A Cheshire Cat……Lawd!!!

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        • That’s a great question, the dude is a real weirdo to me. These no good women are getting pregnant by no good black men. Stevie J was already behind in child support and he goes gets another woman pregnant. He doesn’t sound like he makes smart choices as a black man.

  2. There is more to this story. What wouldn’t he do for the system? So either he told them he would do it (not talking about support) and didn’t or he did something else they didn’t like. And htf do you get that bill up in the million?!!

  3. And I have always wondered why his child show no resemblance to the maternal side. Those Cubano genes got to be strong, right?

  4. He has a net worth of $5 million if he paid off the outstanding debt he’d have $3.6 million. He could easily establish himself as a resident to Texas were child support is capped at $3k monthly per child. 18k monthly, 216k annually. With the apr on his overall net worth without other income withstanding he can easily afford not to be in arrears and still earn income without a problem. Also if he showed proof of supporting his children such as insurance, 529 college savings plan, and receipts of previous things provided they would be willing to lower his payments. Also a vasectomy sometime in the immediate future would really help his finances and other children.

  5. There should be a cap on child support, but there should be exceptions for things like school tuition or med.

    That baby is still probably poopin in LV diapers though.

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