Rick Ross’ Baby Mamas Arrange Boxing Match

rick ross baby mama boxing match

Rick Ross was barely released from the hospital on Monday, and his baby mamas are already cuttin’ up!

Tia Kemp was responding about Rick’s other BM, Lastonia Leviston, who pulled a gun out on Instagram and was claiming Tia was banned from visiting the rapper in the hospital. Tia is now saying she wants to box Lastonia in the ring at King of Diamonds!


Would anyone pay to see these two women battle it out?


  1. *Would anyone pay to see these two women battle it out?

    Hell 2 The Naw…..2 The Naw…..2 The Naw…..Naw…..Naw!!!

  2. And people tell me that i hate on black women. Which race of women will pull out guns and arrange to fight in an arena all while having kids that they need to look after. Sistas are really violent and they coach these kids to act the same way. Show me a black man who has been shot by police and I will show you seven times out of ten a man raised by a violent and neglectful mother. smdh

    • And where were the father’s of these men? Don’t give me that bullshit about how bw ALWAYS pick these men cause it takes two to tangle. Why aren’t the men held to a higher standard like we are? Why is ok for a man, regardless of how the woman is, to literally walk away from his children’s lives? NOBODY and I mean NOBODY ever talks about that. It’s just our fault. People love to act like men don’t run game on the most vulnerable race of women on the planet then when children are produced just vanish…THEN society holds us entirely responsible. And fyi a man doesn’t have to be with the mother of his child to actually be involved in the child’s life. I can understand things not working out..sometimes… but its unfathomable to abandon your children idgaf what the circumstance is.

      • Most men will settle for pussy they dont have to work for. But as a woman your natural instinct is to get a man who will provide for you AND your offsprings AND is sensible enough that he wont put himself in a position where he cant provide for his kids ie jail, gangs or bad health. But it seems like black women dont have these wirings. Look at run dmc daughter… beautiful woman raised by respectable father… she had the choice of MANY honourable man but she choose a dude that was an ACTIVE criminal and cheater. Now she has given birth and posting about how niggas dont take care of their kids. Smdh

        • So it’s not a man’s natural instinct to protect and provide. Why don’t you yourself go to better places where a better class of women gather? Why is it you encounter all these awful caricatures that you complain about all the time and not some doctor or engineer?

      • And in terms of taking care of kids…most black men are involved in their kids life more than other races. The problem with black men is alot of bottom feeders that literally “breeders” and just like slavery days their entire purpose is to impregnate as much women as possible and leave it to someone to take care of it. If you ask these black women who their deadbeat baby daddy is they will NEVER say an engineer, doctor, plumber, accountant….its always the local drug, hood clown, rapper or hood star

        • They have deadbeat fathers in every field.. Doctors, lawyers and etc try and kill off the women.. They have moved on and not looking back.. Sir you are always on the side of deadbeat fathers.. These women get pregnant by themselves, it takes two to tangle. It’s really sad that we’re going back as a race instead of moving forward..Both sexes need their butts whipped for making the same decisions again.. The person who loses the mist is the innocent child.. Children don’t get to pick their parents..Just a thought

  3. they can fight in the streets or the club if they wanna fight that baD.


  4. Rick Ross baby mother should spend more time finding her a husband and less time clinging on to Rick Ross nuts.

  5. Question??? So which Baby Mama won the millions from 50 cent? Is it Tia, in the video above? Cuz 50 was flossing her around in fur coats and at Mayweather’s House. Or is it the one who drives the RR Wraith? HSK can y’all clarify this…

    Either way they both need to grow up! Tia can’t make Rick Ross be a father to her child, if he doesn’t want to. That’s where the term “Deadbeat” comes from.

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