Stephen Belafonte Tried to Ruin Mel B’s Daughter’s Relationship With Eddie Murphy

stephen belafonte mel b eddie murphy

Mel B is claiming her ex, Stephen Belafonte, tried to sabotage her daughter Angel’s relationship with her real father, Eddie Murphy.

Prior to filing for divorce, Mel said she contacted Eddie to arrange a meeting between him and Angel. But here’s what she claimed Stephen did to ruin the whole thing:

“While she was sleeping, Belafonte took her phone and began sending messages to Murphy’s assistant. She claims to not know what the messages said, but ‘As a result of Stephen’s actions, Angel’s father canceled the visitation and did not want to have any interactions with Stephen.'”

Despite Stephen’s attempts, Eddie and Angel now have a “flourishing relationship.” Angel now attends the same private school as Eddie’s other kids so she can receive the same level of education.

“[Mel] says Angel is thriving in the new school, and her demeanor has changed completely since separating from Belafonte.”


  1. It was something about him that always seemed odd to me he was always creepy around her kids on her show to bad she had a kid with him.

  2. They were both freaks when they got married but maybe the oldest started complaining about it and melborn had to finally put her children first.

  3. Stephen is how I like my light skinned men, big & crazy! 😛 IMO, it’s understandable why he’d try to undermine Angel’s relationship w/her biological father. Stephen has been more of a father to her than Eddie. There was a time when Eddie didn’t even claim her. Mel B is a mess….

  4. Have you ever been in a relationship or kicked it with someone that you regret ever meeting? This is Stephen to Mel B.

  5. He’s just a lazy bum that’s unemployed and not looking for a job at all.. Mel was crazy to stay with him as long as she did.. He was willing to tell anything and everything for a $$$$$ because he’s above getting a job..

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