Khloe Sets the Record Straight About Tristan Thompson & His Baby Mama

khloe tristan jordy c

Khloe Kardashian is tired of everyone saying she’s the reason Tristan Thompson left his ex, Jordan Craig, while she was pregnant with their son.

The reality star tried to shut down the rumors in this clap back.

Do you believe her?


  1. Since they were no vows or rings exchanged technically he was single.

    That girl dodged a bullet, khlowilderbeest will prob stay with him till the wheels fall off.

  2. Crazy He left her for hoey Kardtrashian’s ugly ass. All men that associate with that witch clan are doomed.

  3. Not even trying to be mean but why would you leave her for khole did he want to get more tv time why and you mean to tell me none of his friends told him I warned him about who that family is and what they do to mean from Bruce all the way down to Scott and Kanye look at Lamar he will never be the same again and you are having a child.

    • Tristan’s Dad told him Khlogre was a MAJOR downgrade and to not leave Jordan.

      Supposedly the following are IDIOTS in real life and extremely immature:

      James Harden
      Lamar Odom
      Metta World Peace
      Tristan Thompson
      Kris Humphries

      These CLOWNS got what they were asking for when they dated these monsters.

  4. This dude is really stupid…like you left a beautiful woman for another woman whos been passed around…smutted out…by the same men in your industry. Worst the woman is passed her prime and yet you knock her up. This will not last 2 years Smdh

  5. The real question is why would you want to date a man that at the time you were dating him, had a baby on the way? But the joke is on her because clearly that man is bi sexual and so was the last weirdo basketball player she married Lamar Odom. Both of those men are gay and if she wasn’t so evil maybe God would bless her with some knowledge to recognize the men she attracted to, like men, which should be easy for her to figure out since she looks like a man and is built like a man

    • The Kardashians seem to like bisexual men ad ling as they provide ask her mom Kris who was pegging Bruce in the ass for years

  6. And by the way somebody should tell Khloe that ex runs circles around her. Tristian using Chloe for more fame and retirement income.

  7. There is truth to the above statements. She ain’t known as “KLOGRE” for nothing…. Ms. Klogre Roldan that is….

  8. I’m guessing Tristan got tired of footing the bills for Jordan. It takes more then beauty to keep a man. I can’t stand the Hordashians! Tristan is clearly using them for a come up just like the rest of the attention seeking men that entertain them.

  9. You can look at him and tell he’s ignorant… Black men celebs be like ” black women ain’t what’s Poppin no more black women don’t have their own money” yadda yadda….. The swag is if your girl black you wack ????

  10. Khloe Kartrashian looks like a dude! They(kartrashians) want to believe people hate on them but the fact is people have no respect for them. SOME brothers are just weak. She has been passed around and yet you jump on board and make her your woman! STUPIDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD you are!

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