Usher & Grace Miguel Announce Separation

usher grace miguel separate

Sources are reporting that Usher and Grace Miguel are separating after two years of marriage.

The couple released this statement:

“After much thought and consideration, we have mutually decided to separate as a couple. We remain deeply connected, loving friends who will continue supporting each other through the next phases of our lives.”

News of them going their separate ways comes after Usher was accused of allegedly infecting his sexual partners with herpes.

The couple wed in 2015. He was previously married to Tameka Foster from 2007 – 2009.


  1. Ushers taste is off. He should’ve stayed with Chili but maybe he ain’t straight. Seen him at the club one time snorting some drugs with some questionable White ppl. He’s a weirdo in real life.

      • It was at this night club called Tryst in Vegas after a Mayweather fight. Then because it was too many white ppl and a bunch of weird stuff going on, we left and went to Tao where the rest of the black people were and he then later showed up there too but with a different group of people and he wasn’t doing drugs. So he did his dirt at the white club but at the black club he tried to act normal.

        He’s weird, Jamie Fox is weird, Ray J is weiiiiirrrrrrrrddddddddd and Puffy is weiiirrrddd. In Miami he invited us to his house I choose not to go, but 2 of my homegirls did and they said it was some Asian boy in his Jacuzzi with two other woman and he was in there with all of them all night (Puffy).

        All this was when I was I my early 20’s which I’m 34 now but all these celebs are weird and Gay. The NFL players are the more normal but these NBA and actors are weird.

  2. Seen that coming from a mile away usher go get a man and just come out of the closet with puffy

  3. He’s supposed to be very very rich, for real, so he is probably sho nuff running with some big dogs.
    In spite of the isht he went thru to be on top, he’s probably more sane than some others in HWood. I just don’t like how that custody thang played out.

  4. If usher had herpes thrn grace been had it guess usher was paying for her medication

    Usher in the bed with puff sleeping together when he was a kid was weird
    His idol was Michael.jackson I remember when they had that special Mike, usher and Chris Tucker was all trying to dance with each other when they had sexy girl dancers but usher and Mike was trying to show each other moves lol

    • Lol they had hearts all around their heads talking about what’s up with you lol.

      • And they had little boys dancing around the video and folks think Mike didn’t fuck thise boys hell Corey Feldman, Alfonso ribero, and Sean and Julian Lennon who slept in the bed with Mike won’t say nothing

        Yoko said nothing when Sean slept in mikes bed when he was a kid

  5. She looks old. As someone said chili was the best one he was with. Usher could almost have any woman he wants yet he gets old women and sleeps with obese ones… I don’t get it ??‍♀️

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