Trump Thanks Kanye After His Disastrous Kimmel Interview

trump thanks kanye west

Donald Trump gave thanks to Kanye West for still backing him after his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Kimmel referred to the time Kanye said that “George Bush doesn’t care about black people.” Kimmel added: “It makes me wonder: What makes you think that Donald Trump does” care about black people — “or any people at all?”

West stared silently, for several seconds, until Kimmel had to cut to a commercial. West didn’t have an answer after the break either.

trump tweest kanye west


  1. This is how retarded your clown prez is…that fool didn’t even say anything…he couldn’t even Think of anything positive to say and he is thanking that fool for saying absolutely nothing…smfh.

    As for the unemployment rate.

    Most people aren’t even in the workforce anymore or looking for work, outside of the fact they only track those who receive unemployment. Once you are no longer eligible to receive unemployment they drop you from the list. So that stat also means/proves absolutely nothing.

    • Trump’s executive order is starting the massive purge of Mexicans, Central Americans, and Indians. It’s getting going now, and something like 50% of paperwork isn’t going through. The companies can’t keep or import unqualified slave labor.

      I’m not cosigning Trump, but those clowns are leaving. I hope the wall goes up next.

  2. Right! So HOW are the numbers tallied? From what source?
    A president of the United Sates of America tweets a thanks to a rapper for doing nothing for black people. What we have here is a real-life reality show. Sunday should be very very interesting in this country!

    • Why in the hell should he make good on his promises to mentally ill fools who worship drugs and death over peace and harmony, and brag about their Trump free zone . Only a fool helps his haters.

    • It’s not down…they only track people who are receiving unemployment payments, which ultimately stop as no one receives unemployment forever…so all that stat means is there are less people receiving unemployment, not that people are employed.

    • Salaries are down because of H1B Indian indentured slaves, I mean workers. They’re white-collar Mexicans.

  3. BLACK young people have left Obama drug peddling death producing jobs for legitimate jobs where I live.

  4. This is proof that some ppl just say stupid shit for shock value. With no facts or information to validate their asinine opinion.

    Kanye just fuckin froze like a fish in Antarctica because he had no answer to the question “Why?”

    Ha ha ha lunacy.

  5. Trump is running this country like a Reality Show
    His office is the place for bumbling idiots and he’s the head one in charge
    He’s not making America Great, we are the laughing stock of the world
    He’s definitely in Russia’s back pocket, he has received over 100 million in loans from them before he was put in office.
    This is the only President that have not lift one finger to bring this country back together after he won, and he still have a hard in for Obama.. Everything is Obama’s fault
    White ppl have the free will to call the cops on black ppl doing nothing wrong, but being in their neighborhood
    This man us sooo dumb, ignorant and the biggest narcissistic I’ve ever seen.
    His own wife don’t want nothing to do with him.. When is the past call girl going to pick a cause for her platform??? She hasn’t said anything as of yet
    Kayne doesn’t speak for black people, he speaks from his self/ I give him a few years at the most and he will be broke and dead, those coven witches destroys black men.. No white men want their whoring fake asses..l Kim has more cellulite than me and im older enough to be her mother..

    • They have walls Moron…they DON’T WORK.

      Again you STUPID people don’t get they dig tunnels that go under walls…I swear intelligence is a rare commodity.

      • I will celebrate the day they build that amazing wall to keep trash like you out.

        #gatedcommunity #notacos #fuera #vaatucasa #nowayjose

        • And they will still be getting in UNDER & OVER that Wall Dumb Ass.

          People like you need a Brain Douche, but it still wouldn’t help get all the Stupid out.

          • ICE is closing in hijo de puta.
            No tienes no puta idea.

            #gatedcommunity #nowayjose

            Tell Apu to roll up his magic carpet and close up shop too. They comin, my friend. H-no-1-B.

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