Aretha Franklin Reportedly on Her Death Bed

aretha franklin cancer dead

Aretha Franklin is reportedly “gravely ill” and living out her last days in Detroit while surrounded by family and friends.

Sources state the 76-year-old Queen of Soul has withered down to 86 pounds. She was diagnosed with cancer in 2010 and gave her last performance on November 2, 2017, for the Elton John AIDS Foundation in New York.


  1. The Queen of Soul— her music has transcend generations and will continue to focus so after she passes.. Her voice is an instrument by itself and she is one of a kind. May she find peace and take her last bow.. Peace be with her family..

  2. She is and always will be a legend. Unfortunately my generation will never have a legend like Aretha we only have hoes who can barely hit a note but anyways I hope Aretha finds peace during her final hours and knows that she will not have to suffer in the cruel world anymore.

  3. It has been said she has aids. Not very sympathetic; she’s mean, too big of an ego. No surprise about the cancer because she smoked like a chimney for years. Hmph…..

      • FYI, I’m not a Millennial. Aretha has been a straight up bitch to ppl, so why should I feel sorry that her mean old ass is almost gone? Mean ppl suck. Ask Patti LaBelle, Gladys Knight (maybe), Beyonce, & some producers about her bitchy attitude. It’s well documented.

        • Sometimes when seniors are short tempered it is because they are in mental or physical pain so dont take it personally.

    • She should have an ego and she has the talent to back it up. Unlike the auto tuned Instagram thots of today.

  4. I hate some of the photos of her that the media uses as it nears her end. Ballads and composing seem to be passe’ these days. And when someone has the talent they usually have some chaos that’s publicized on social media that is going on in their life and it takes precedent over their art.

  5. If you are not a close relative that needs to know family health history, her diagnosis is not our business. Assumptions, and hearsay, can be hurtful. Prayers of comfort to Ree and family.

  6. I wonder who owns her music?
    Its like they cant wait…sad.

  7. Do right woman and giving him something he can feel are my favorite songs since I was a little girl. She got a lot of good ones and a great voice that made a six year old in the 80s notice. I’m not counting down to hear the news of her death cuz if that’s the case we should all count our own days. God please bless her and all of us today.

    • Lol I remember when I was little my mom would be blasting chain of fools and I always wondered what a chain of fools looked like?

      My fave was Mary dont you weep, it still gives me goose bumps…God Bless you too?

      • Haha! Chain of fools! What would that look like? I never thought about that. I’m picturing 15 fools I know with they arms all interlocking. ? ??

        • Lolololololol!!!
          I just got a visual of some that I know with they arms interlocking while kicking up their legs like the Rockettes???
          Thanks for that good laugh!!!

  8. Some people think more of themselves than they should. Aretha was one. But I will tell you this, the lady had the voice of the century. No one could do her songs like her. The heartbreak in her life is felt in each word. Her songs were the soundtrack of my young days. I adored her, attitude and all. Nobody, but Nobody, could bring those songs to life like Ms. Aretha Franklin. I will miss her.

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