Aretha Franklin Reportedly Battling Cancer

aretha franklin pancreatic cancer

The rumor mill is buzzing and a recent blind item revealed that Aretha Franklin’s cancer has returned.

After a two year long remission, cancer has come back with a vengeance for this older permanent A+ list singer.

During an August 1st concert, the singer reportedly looked stiff and uncomfortable. She also told the crowd 2017 would be her last year performing. She has canceled several concerts, citing “doctor’s orders.”

At another concert in Detroit back in June, she asked the crowd to “keep me in your prayers” as she left the stage.

The Queen of Soul was diagnosed with an illness back in 2010, and it was rumored to be pancreatic cancer. The singer denied the allegations.


  1. Unfortunately some of her photos show her wasting so it probably is cancer. Sad and hopefully she won’t suffer.

    • It’s cancer my loved one had terminal cancer I know that look, she doesn’t have long, months, maybe 8 weeks or so, 12 weeks…

    • Have some respect man. That’s the Queen of Soul and she’s dying of terminal cancer. Surely you can’t be so foolish that you don’t realize how cancer saps the life out of people?

    • Yeah dude, seriously have some respect. No one deserves cancer or to look like this.

    • While I can appreciate some of you all’s compassion, Aretha gets none from me. Why? She smoked like a chimney for years, so what do you expect? She’s also had a nasty attitude for years, known for being petty. Maybe she should have projected more positive energy & that may have served her inside & out. You get back what you put out in the Universe.

      • I didn’t know any of that… You do have point however. What we put into the universe is what we get back, and all of out karmic debts will catch up to us sooner or later. I suppose hers finally caught up with her.

        • Karma my ass. There was nothing that needed to catch up with her. Take your rude ass message off of here. She is fighting for her life. God is able. Prayers of comfort be strong Queen of Soul. Be strong.

          • Thank you Brenda! People can be so cruel. God Bless the Queen of Soul. None of us has lived a “perfect” life!!

        • But now is not the time for that discussion. Otherwise you are both guilty of what you accuse her of. It’s about being positive, otherwise… karma’s gon git ya.

      • She went through a lot growing up. Most women of her generation did.

        Give her a pass.

      • Wow; what a ramble of words of non-compassion! Remember that your own record is being written on the books which will be opened by God on the day of your judgement. The Word of God explicitly tells us that the same rule of measure we use to measure others by will be the same rule of measure applied to us on that day of judgment! Since it seems that you are not humble enough to consider this, I guess it’s okay for what you will face at that time, when the books are opened. This will be on the list! …..By the way, did you actually know and work with her? You speak as though you two were close aquaintances! Just wait until your time comes; and it is coming; this is on the book! I would get back on here and repent and ask for forgiveness from God also! Your words were mean, hateful and cruel! ……. “You have a real problem”….

      • The Bible also says judge not that you might be judge. Be very careful of your judgment toward others!

      • Yes she did smoke for many years but she also stopped smoking over 20 years ago. All of us have made bad choices during our lives with regards to our health or otherwise. You say you have no compassion for her, well if your health fails one day, you just might need someone to have compassion for you.

        • That is right Thomas, we all have sin and thus made many bad choices. No one is even qualified to judge us and that is Jesus Christ for HE is the only one without sin. So people please be mindful and respectful to family and her Ms. Aretha Franklin, what an Icon, don’t slam on the woman now that she is gone, that is not right. I am sure we all got skeletons hanging in our closets, if walls could talk, Oh Help Jesus! Be careful of those stones that you throw. Nice comment Thomas!

      • Clearly you’re as negative as you claim she is. Positive folks don’t wish sickness on anyone,nor do they insinuate that someone deserves it. It could be YOU or someone that you love. People including yourself aren’t perfect and do make some poor choices sometimes but its not good to wish I’ll will on them,especially when they haven’t fine anything to you personally.

      • You are a stupid fool and need to be educated about cancer! One day this might be you or a love one. You disrespectful creep! Whatever you speak into the atmosphere will bite you back! If you are not a fan you need to get off this page.

    • Please don’t disrespect this lady. You never know what road you will have to walk. There is a have in our path and we can’t go around it. That means all of us. Be careful what you say.

    • If you have nothing good to say say nothing. Rude, ignorance of you. If anything say a prayer.

    • What a stupid comment how would you like someone to call you mother daughter wife sister a crack headed.

    • I have something more direct to say to this insensitive fuck. Go fuck yourself.

      • this lady was the best singer in my generation,God bless her in her time of need.

  2. Damn. I know everyone has to go, but I really hate to see her go. Im not even the biggest fan, its that she is walking black history. I have a great deal of respect for this woman, no pun intended.

  3. And then the vultures will start with the stories and the movies and the books and sh#t…..

  4. It’s obvious that she’s seriously ill the way she’s wasting away. Hopefully she won’t suffer too much. No one deserves this.

  5. Aretha had a child by her dad who was a child molester her dad was fucking women, men, and kids in his church rev franklin got a young girl pregnant around the same time Aretha got pregnant when she was a teen

    • And you know this because………….were you one of the supposed women, men, kids that was molested by her dad?
      Hopefully you and your loved one’s will not have to suffer from cancer.
      KARMA is a B!

    • This needs to be taken off ofhere. What do that have to do with her being sick. Ignorantg pure ignorance.

    • This thread is about her being sick not scandalous long running allegations and rumors. Get your mind right and FOCUS..

  6. I love Aretha. She had much to overcome in her life. Never relish in another trials. Behavior is often a coping mechanism. She had some compulsive tendencies, such as refusing to fly in airplanes- which is her right. She has had numerous health challenges in the pass. Praying for her recovery. Remember, we have all sinned and fallen short. Therefore DO NOT JUDGE, as we are fans and do not know her REAL story.

  7. I am very sorry about her illness. May God soon embrace her in His Heavenly love! Dedicate it all to the Lord, Aretha. He is the only one, who understands. Go in the love of those who truly love you. A Fan.

  8. Please everyone with negative comments.. We all have to go one day because everyone that is born has an appointment with death however it may happen.
    I feel bad for Aretha for many reasons but her parents split when Aretha was only six and then her mother died when she was just 10 years old which nearly destroyed Aretha… Aretha gave birth to her first two children while she was still a child herself and later got married to her first husband Ted White who abused her emotionally and physically for years. She turned to smoking and alcohol for a number of years as a way to cope with all the turmoil in her life though she did stop drinking in the 1970`s..
    Her second marriage ended in divorce ..She watched her father die a slow death and then had to watch all her brothers and sisters die and she continued to smoke heavily until the early 1990`s when she finally quit… Then she turned to food to escape and her weight eventually got way out of control.. Other than her children and maybe a very few others, I think Aretha feels she can`t trust anyone so it`s like she stays basically in a shell and won`t let anyone in, even those with good intentions. Now it appears her health is failing and declining fast and if I`m not mistaken , all of her brothers and sisters died of cancer . I hope she fully turns to God.

    • You started off right. By saying stop with the negative comments. You finish with her business being publish all over this article. Which is rude and negative comments as well. Why can’t you people just say we are praying for her and asking God to comfort her at this time. She is the Queen of Soul. Period!

  9. Some of y’all is the most disrespectful, petty, stupid, most ignorant people I have seen texting anything. MY GOD. HAVE MERCY ON YOUR SOUL. SMH

  10. Prayers for you Aretha. I remember you when we lived around the corner from each other, you on Virginia Blvd and I on Linwood. I met you when I sang with Victoria Hawkins and her mother who was blind. God is a good god and he is going to take care of you. I know you were fond of my brother, Dr. Arthur Johnson in Detroit.

  11. I love her! Why did they post the worst picture they could find?! This is what I HATE about the media!

  12. Put aside her personnel life and understand the real reason behind this great woman a great soul icon that will not be replaced . May she not suffer and be blessed with love and comfort

  13. Show her love some love everyone. She gave us what she was supposed to give us her gift of song. Whatever she was personally was hers. Lets prayer for our sister, and one of our icons!

  14. So sorry you are going thru this battle. Cancer sucks and i wouldnt wish it on anybody. Just want to say thank you for all the memories and beautiful music. Your talent has gotten me and many people thru a lot of good and bad times. You are one of the strongest soldiers I know. Fight the good fight and stay strong. Sending you prayers, love and Respect. Love you Ree-Ree.

  15. That is far from the worst picture of her I’ve seen recently. It’s not flattering, but I’ve seen much worse. She has lived a hell on earth life because of her father, and I would not be surprised if she was welcoming God’s arms.


    • I am not on either side, but what you do/ have done always plays a role in your current state.

  17. This breaks my heart. I’m a singer and I pay tribute to Aretha by singing her songs, each time I perform. I’m so, so grateful for her contribution to the beautiful art of music. My inspiration. She is my favorite. I LOVE her. ?

  18. Let’s all send up positive affirmations for the Queen.
    Mean, ignorant comments should be ignored. That
    person has not lived enough to understand life’s travails.

  19. I grow up with Ms Franklin and her music, I hate to see her have to go through any of this I wish her well. I pray for her and her family at this time.

  20. Aretha desires the upmost respect. I advise her not to wear short sleeve dresses on blouses. Cover up the cancer. Aretha you are still a beautiful person on the inside and on the outside. and your music have given us joy and happiness. We pray joy and happiness for you. Only JESUS can determine when a person is transitioning to heaven (or hell). Persons destined to spend eternity in hell will consider his/her life on earth, a paradise compared to hell, no matter how hard or difficult your life is or has been or will be. Truth God and keep praying healing and recovery for Aretha.

  21. Trust God! Pray to Jesus for salvation to save your soul. Our bodies are destined to return to dust and ashes but the Spirit of God in you will live for eternity if you believe in Jesus Christ. I pray Aretha is a believer!

  22. I was fortunate to see the Queen of Soup perform the other day at Ravinia. Her performance was phenomenal. Reverend Jesse Jackson came out to see her. I consider myself fortunate to have the opportunity to see her perform. Aretha we wish you well and hope this turns around for you. You will always be the Queen of Soul no matter what happens.

  23. Aretha will always be my number one, I use to have a voice like her and could sing any song she could sing g, I use to have a band call the unfive sounds in Cleveland Ohio,and was very successful at one time, I will always pray that God take control and lead her to victory,we cannot live forever so I pray that she does not suffer and leave this Earth gracefully as she came,thanks for inspiration that you have given so always a true fan.

  24. God bless Ms. Franklin and her family.Regardless to what people think about her,she will always be the QUEEN of Soul !!!

  25. Sending prayer, stay on the wall and fight your battle, your war is not over yet, God love’s you the Queen of Soul.

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