Chilli’s Son Blasts His Dad Dallas Austin & Usher

chilli son dallas austin usher 1

Chilli’s son, Tron, is fed up with his daddy, Dallas Austin, and his mom’s ex-boyfriend, Usher.

Tron took to his Instagram Story to call the men “clowns,” and he had second message for his dad:

chilli son dallas austin usher 1

WTF happened? It was all good just a month ago…


  1. Why do people run to social media instead of picking up the phone ? Keep your family business private.

    • It wouldn’t be surprising. This kid acts like he has a little sugar in his tank

  2. Why do celebrities kids all turn out to be weird or gay? It’s like majority of all of them are fucked up in the head. This guy seems feminine but is trying to not come off like that. I seriously wonder do what all these kids go through because I can’t name one who is slightly normal.

    • Because, these celebs kids miss out on normal childhood experiences. Socially awkward lil Sumbiches ?

  3. These kids need parents who behave like parents, and not like friends.
    These kids need parental attention, and not material things, phones, and mumble (c)rap.

  4. Why do all of these young black males look gay as hell these days? Scrawny, multicolored hair, pants hangin off their ass ready for dick entry. Look at Tyga’s sweet ass; i can picture him gettin dicked down by a big tranny buck.

    What happened to dem big black project pat mu’fuckas whom u knew u didn’t have to question their masculinity?

    • Results of mass incarceration. ? .
      They are missed & needed in the community. Boys don’t have images of men to imitate. Just homo low types permeating

    • Them project niggas were homo thugs molesting little boys on that Afrikka Bambaata shit

    • They look and act gay because society is convincing them it’s OKAY! That is being pushed HARD! There was a time when you’d get run out of the hip hop community for having a white wife, acting gay, etc. Now the shit’s the norm. We accept too much shit and let shit slide too long so now this is the society we live in. We need to reclaim our children from SATAN…because the shit is SATANIC. Period!

      • True. They’re using even cartoons to push the gay agenda. Like one day I was watching cartoon network (I’m a big kid) and Teen Titans was on & that episode had two skaters who wore pink Polo shirts, looked, acted & sounded gay , but were skilled skaters and everyone admired them & one of the Titans wanted to hang with them because they were cool. I couldn’t believe my eyes! And that shit is what kids are watching

        • I saw that shit TT my mouth was on the floor and my daughter didnt seem to notice…I guess cuz his bad ass was quiet thats all that mattered.

          My 2 year old granddaughter had my phone and hopped on the internet to YT to watch oddbods with tha quickness smh she walks around grunting and frowning just like that red one.

          These parents, my kids included dont seem to care what their kids watch just as long as they are not bothering them.


          Its 11:00pm…do you know where your children are??? And if you do what they are watching in their bedrooms???

  5. So she can still dance like she’s 20. Local bar got it all on camera. When celebrations go public…

  6. These celebs need to give their kids more structure and a normal life. I see why they don’t because many have never had a real job or paid any bills, so they know nothing about that. It’s also a culture thing. Celebs before were raised different and a lot more humble. I doubt they hung around white celebs much.

    If Obama’s kids had to have a summer job, so should this kid. He shouldn’t be flexing anywhere, but school or a business. However, in a year or two he’ll probably try to be a rapper. ?

    • No, not the black community! These are the exceptions and not the norm….the media just aren’t telling you that. Today, through shows like Love and Hip Hop and the rest of that shit on tv, you got black folks cussing their mama’s out, partying and getting high with their moms…and folks watch it and think it’s the “norm,” which is bullshit and part of the bigger AGENDA.

  7. He just needs to grow the f*ck up adress your family issues privately please nobody gives a shit, and why are involving usher in Bullsh*t ,you not even on the LEVEL (or your parents for that matter), yes insult the people that might actually help you jump start your career and put you name out there in the music industry, that’s very intelligent of you?. YAWN.

  8. @crazychris
    Chilli’s looks were always overrated.
    T boz was the cool ride or die country chick that is definitely marriage material.

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