Tokyo Toni Gets Hit By a Car

tokyo toni hit by car

Tokyo Toni recorded a video, and in the footage, she appears to be laid up in a hospital. Blac Chyna’s mom, who was wearing a neck brace in the footage, reveals she was hit by a car, but she’s not going to let the accident stop her…


  1. Hummm???? Its seems like theres a lot more to this story I’m a back away and quietly shut the door. Stay safe tokyo.

  2. How did THAT happen? If you sick – stay off social media! I am not interested in seeing wires, tubes, braces, blood, etc., you name it. If I liked that shi# I would work for a hospital or EMT unit! The media is desensitizing the public to gore, even with the headlines.

  3. While she was on the ground with her arm disjointed and out of place she made sure to get on social media first…..and then 911.

    Sigh. Tokyo’s a pretty lady but…….ratchet.

  4. Is this a pr stunt? If so knock it off Shalana Hunter. Enough with the nonsense and embarrassing your daughter Angela she does a good job doing it herself.

  5. Lesson learned don’t say China’s in the illuminati ….or else they will try to kill you….#facts #shutupandplaynice

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