Tokyo Toni Gets Hit By a Car


    tokyo toni hit by car

    Tokyo Toni recorded a video, and in the footage, she appears to be laid up in a hospital. Blac Chyna’s mom, who was wearing a neck brace in the footage, reveals she was hit by a car, but she’s not going to let the accident stop her…


    1. Hummm???? Its seems like theres a lot more to this story I’m a back away and quietly shut the door. Stay safe tokyo.

    2. How did THAT happen? If you sick – stay off social media! I am not interested in seeing wires, tubes, braces, blood, etc., you name it. If I liked that shi# I would work for a hospital or EMT unit! The media is desensitizing the public to gore, even with the headlines.

    3. Is this a pr stunt? If so knock it off Shalana Hunter. Enough with the nonsense and embarrassing your daughter Angela she does a good job doing it herself.

    4. Lesson learned don’t say China’s in the illuminati ….or else they will try to kill you….#facts #shutupandplaynice


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