Lauryn Hill Gets Exposed! Rude, Disrespectful & Steals Music?!

lauryn hill exposed video

Robert Glasper, a Grammy Award and Emmy Award-winning artist and musician put Lauryn Hill on blast on The Madd Hatta Morning Show. Not only does Robert call Lauryn rude and disrespectful, he also says when he was hired to play piano for one of her shows, she decided to cut his pay in half after rehearsing for ten hours a day for a whole week because she didn’t like the way he was learning the music. Lauryn turned around and earned $500,000 for the show.

He also claims he was forced to call her “Ms. Hill” and wasn’t allowed to look her in the eye. He also said she “steals music” and she didn’t write the songs on The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, and he knows the people who wrote the album because they’re his friends.

He said this explains why she can’t create another hit album because she never wrote the first one to begin with!

Click play to hear him go OFF.


  1. Everything he said is true New Ark Production did that record, which is why when they took her to court she SETTLED OUT OF COURT!!!!!

  2. Another star whose glory days are far behind her. Stop touring and figure out how to make and keep the money this time go round. Concerts are all about stage dancers, lights and electronic music.
    Wait – that sounds like a club.

      • I know. I’m just rambling about absolutely nothing.

        She seemed cool as hell back in “the score” days but now she’s just another bitter loudmouthed……

  3. I wonder did drain and cardi b pay to use her samples in their music???

    Seems like a lot of these new artist snatch hits from the past and get a hit record off of them.

    She may be like this guy says she is, I don’t know, I wasn’t there but I have to give it to her, she has a beautiful voice.

    • Ppl who aren’t used to power and control over someone else(_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _)always have to act a ass to show that they have said power.

      Ppl used to power and money usually treat everyone right. From the janitor to his executive director.

      Now this lauryn hill cunt wants to look down on somebody 20 yrs past her prime. Get the fuck out my face Lil Lauryn before u get found under a hill somewhere lol.

  4. Well what’s new majority of these artists steal from other artists and Miss Lauryn is no different. Did Robin Thick pay Marvin Gaye family for stealing his music?

  5. He sounds like a little bitch. Snitching on a woman like a jealous trick. Go sit your gossiping ass down somewhere.

  6. Is that a recent picture of Lauryn Hill? because if it is she’s aging miserablely .I guess having those kids back to back did a number on her.

  7. He sounds mad at her continued success.

    Maybe there’s some truth to what people say, but I doubt people would say the same things if it was a male.

    And regardless, this woman is a talented MC, singer, and performer. She’s real. That’s why people go to the shows.

    People also need to remember that she made some of their cheesy ideas/songs into hits. If someone else sang the same song, no one would care. Because it’s not the Luther and Patti era, people forget about that.

  8. But oh i forgot she’s a black queen who have a reputation for being very nice, accommodating, and pleasant to be around ?

    • She phukked a married man then married and agreed to be part of Rohan marleys harem then she cheated and had a baby with another man outside her marriage to Rohan which is why they divorced

  9. @anonymous 14:27

    Well it’s a new day honey. Men aren’t afraid to express and expose the bitch in em.

    • LOL, ok, & I disagree w/that person. He ain’t being a bitch or snitching by airing Lauryn’s rachet ass out. If the heffa tried to mess w/my money & done my fellow musician friends dirty, I wouldn’t have nice things to say about her either. And for those who are trying to make it a gender issue, that’s not really the case. I feel Robert or whoever would call out males who did this if need be. He even cited how Maxwell has changed for the better. Musicians are & should be serious about their talent & money. It’s not an easy life at times.

      • You are right…he is Beyond a Snitching Ass Bitch.

        No grown man should have any woman’s name his mouth, trying to talk shit.

  10. Diana and the supremes never wrote their songs, the Jackson’s didn’t write music until they left motown

    I’m.not gonna even talk about the rappers who stole beats, hooks from all sorts of sources

    Nobody is one percent creative everybody used or borrowed something from other artists

    Elvis, James Brown, michael jackson remade other people songs

      • Playing what somebody tells you ain’t exactly the same with coming up with the concepts

        • Look, it’s obvious they all sat around smoking, rapping, talking, jamming, and throwing out ideas for grooves. This is what the musicians who sued her even said.

          They jammed and the album came out of that, and Lauryn led the project and got final say. The credits were decided by her label. And again, the people who sued her admitted it wasn’t that deep.

          They probably didn’t think the album would do so well, so they wanted more than their hourly fee. That costed them jobs because people stopped trusting them. If what they say is true, why would “nicer” artists not mess with them for years?

  11. She has a great voice and never needed audio tune…so she gets a soul clap for that?….but on a seriously sad note her eyebrows are not on fleek and they are out of control…. the look like lace eyebrows…. somebody pass me some tweezers stat

    • She can’t sing worth a dog.. She sounds horribly now I would pay a penny to hear her sing..
      She had all those kids for that Marley man and he left her..
      She list her mind after that
      She needs to have a serious talk with a therapist, there is something wrong with her
      Her look is worse than ever

      • Nobody cares if the fugees reunite or not

        They had their chance l boogie wanted to act like she was in 1997

        Now you go.see her she performs the same songs over and over she might have her band play some Gothic emo remixes of ex factor and that thing lol

  12. I’m glad Robert aired her ass out. I’m also glad that I never believed the hype about her & her music back in the day. Something about her IMO, seems inauthentic. I’d also heard that she didn’t write or produce her album. May explain why she hasn’t put out 1 since. She can’t do it herself & she obviously has a reputation for stealing from & not paying ppl. It’s also been noted she has mental health issues. Hopefully she’ll work on & get help for that & leave music alone. IMO, she has left little impact in the industry. 1 trick pony, all hype, pseudo-consciousness bs.

  13. Nobody cares if the fugees reunite or not

    They had their chance l boogie wanted to act like she was in 1997

    Now you go.see her she performs the same songs over and over she might have her band play some Gothic emo remixes of ex factor and that thing lol

  14. All of what he said has been common knowledge for at least 20 years. Ol girl was exposed in the late 90s early 2000s and sued. I. Mad shes still making milking that 1 album 21 years later.

    • Agreed 15:23 common knowledge about her what gets me is ppl still play to go see her smh @ has been’s with a attitude

  15. truth: the label wanted this more than she did. lauryn had songs the label rejected. they did what they always do: steal, but they made her take credit for it. on the one hand, she made a choice to do the evil they bidded. on the other hand, the industry is brutal. do you want it or not?

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