DJ Envy Calls for DJs to Blackball Nicki Minaj

dj envy nicki minaj blackball

Nicki Minaj went on a Twitter rant and accused DJ Self of talking mess about Cardi B during her radio interview, but when Nicki reportedly refused to give Self a drop and a hug, Self went on the radio and said Cardi had the best album to tick Nicki off.

After hurling some threats and telling Self she would have her goons confront him, DJ Envy went on the air with The Breakfast Club and said if Nicki’s sending threats then he’ll instruct all Power105 DJs to stop playing her music.

nicki minaj dj self


  1. When someone talks about somebody, pay attention, cause they talkin bout you too!
    Is this publicity for his new HBO? show? Didn’t he get some kind of new show recently?

  2. Who is he the mafia – gonna blackball somebody! He got muscle like that to make DJs stop playing the woman’s music! ??????????????

      • And the white man, loves them some Nikki.
        Self needs to contain himSELF, ’cause his ass is owned.

    • I mean I wouldn’t think no less he been here for at least 15 plus years nicki out here dissin for sales

      • A random dj is not more powerful than a pop star with the backing of major corporations. Stop it.

    • Spoken like a true IGNORANT rat.

      I’m sure your bank account is on zero always.

      Envy knows how the game rolls. He’s not messing up His coins over a build a notch trick character.

      Should’ve gone to school and paid attention when you were there.

  3. Aiint shit gonna happen to Nikki. Self is not as influential as he thinks, he is.

  4. Those DJs have no say in who gets played or not. iHeartMedia, formerly Clear Channel, is pay for play and basically all the major companies have it on lock.

    If DJs won’t comply, they’ll be replaced. Those companies are not letting his greasy ass mess up their money.

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