Safaree Exposes Nicki Minaj’s Violent Past, She Drags His Hair Plugs

Nicki Minaj and Safaree got into a heated online battle, and it all started after Nicki gave this interview:

The former lovers began to drag each other, with Safaree revealing Nicki almost killed him, and Nicki claiming Safaree got botched hair plugs…unlike Tyga.

safaree nicki minaj beef

safaree nicki minaj

Tyga didn’t mind being tossed into their beef. He even shouted out his hair plug hookup on Twitter.


  1. Wow, all of this for what Nicki? She must be mad that her album is not selling. Her light is dimming and she cannot handle it!

      • @Mystique

        That’s why you’re such a “mystique”…..because nobody gives a flyin fuck about ya.

        You’re a mystery, an enigma, a martyr……all in your own head lol.

  2. Yeah she trying double time to sell this album but what I wanna know is did she slide the knife across his skin or did she stick the blade in him cuz it’s a big difference and she as fake as they come.

  3. Most men won’t admit to the world their woman f’d them up physically and mentally.
    LHH won’t be his answer – he’s just broke needing money.
    Who paid for his hair plugs?
    Gossip sites everywhere are making money off this but are they?

  4. I hear her album coming out of cars everywhere. What’s up with that if it aint poppin?

  5. She should calm down. A “queen” (her words) never lose control! At some point he should’ve fought back! She called out his fake hairline so he should’ve went down that looonngg list of fake stuff she has

  6. This beef with Safari and these djs is a distraction. Her music isn’t selling. Numbers don’t lie.

  7. If it’s real, they probably still mess with each other. Like, people who dated, and fight like this still sleep with each other. ?

  8. Who gives a Fuck that bugged cranium is huge and that shoe polish hairline shit will always be hilarious

  9. Thank you…. women can be domestic abusers too I would have sent her ass to jail so got damn quick ON BEHALF OF NIGGAS WHO GET MESSED UP BY THEY GIRL. that shit ain’t cool and we can’t hit y’all asses back

    • If someone is putting their hands on you, you should LEAVE Dumb Ass.

      Shit if someone is talking crazy to you and showing you they have several screws loose why any of you Morons stay is beyond me.

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