LeSean McCoy & Delicia Cordon Settle Eviction Dispute

lesean mccoy delicia eviction assault

While the criminal matter over the home invasion robbery is far from over, at least LeSean McCoy and his ex-girlfriend, Delicia Cordon, have settled their eviction dispute.

Lawyers for both parties met in a Fulton County courtroom on Tuesday for a closed-door mediation, which led to the agreement that Delicia would be evicted from the home, even though she already left the premises days after the attack.

She’ll be allowed back in the house, accompanied by a sheriff, for one last time to retrieve photos, a Christmas tree, holiday decorations and a gold chain belonging to her son. Lawyers for both sides will be present as well.

Their court days aren’t done yet. Delicia has sued LeSean for damages over the home invasion that left her with several injuries and with items of jewelry stolen and furniture stolen or damaged.


  1. Had she moved out when he asked her, this would have never happened to her. Now she is suing him for “NOT PROVIDING HER WITH SECURITY” while at his home. She is not blaming him directly for fear he can sue her for defamation. Now she is sayin he beats his son and dog. He’s not a nice guy, however, that has nothing to do with people breaking into his home and assaulting a trespasser, her. This woman wants money by any means.

    • No one has the right to Pay someone to beat the shit out of someone else, just to get them to leave, Asshole.

      All he had to do was what he did now and hire a lawyer to handle the eviction.

      Now his Dumb Ass will more than likely go to Prison or at the very least lose his contract and that BS house for making such a Dumb, Ignorant, and just down right Criminal Decision.

      So I hope it all was worth it to him…he better hope they never find the dude who did it, because I am sure he will have no problem ratting his ass out, to try and save his own.

    • You are just Mad you could never have anything that looked like her.

      And that you are Broke Down Triflin’ Ass Bitch!!!

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